Part# 11-04475
MFR Model# J3724


This shielded & jacketed aircraft wire conforms to MIL-C-27500 & replaces MIL-C-7078/3. It incorporates MIL-W-22759/18 basic wire and features a Tefzel insulation, a shield of tin- plated copper braid and a jacket of Tefzel. It is temperature rated to 150C & voltage rated at 600 volts. Top quality wire to military specs.

*8 Gauge shielded wire is used in converting generator systems to alternators. Conforms to MIL-C-27500

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  • Construction; Stranded tin plated copper conductor extruded etfe tin plated copper braid 85% coverage white extruded etfe jacket.
  • Color: White

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Excellent, quick service. They sent me a very short amount of shielded circuit wire. It had been difficult to find someone on the Internet that would send me such a small amount.

Nate C
May 3, 2021

I got it and it works

Alan C
April 14, 2021


April 2, 2021

good product/ great service. A+ thank you very much

James G
March 9, 2021

Excellent service

Ray H
February 15, 2021

Excellent online experience. this is the PERFECT wire for my application. This is a very high quality shielded wire, Very small overall diameter even in the larger AWG sizes... The 22 AWG I am using is perfect for my application.

David W
December 11, 2020

Outstanding condition, great packaging, meets spec and shipped fast

Gerald G
September 18, 2020

Got just what I ordered delivery was fast . Have always gotten good service from our craft Brewers. Have been purchasing from them for many years for experimental and certified aircraft.They are always helpful when you have questions.

Allan S
September 8, 2020

quick service and shipping

Tasa A
August 24, 2020

received very fast, product as expected

Tasa A
August 19, 2020


Q: What color is the Shielded MIL-C-27500 wire listed on this page?

All the wire listed on this page is white.

Q: What tool do you recommend for stripping just the jacket of your 11-14418 shielded wire?

The only approved tool is part number 12-02031. Otherwise a razor blade is used.

Q: What is the diameter of the shielded #6 wire?

It is 5/16" diameter.

Q: What is the diameter of 20 awg shielded wire?

The diameter of shielded 20ga white wire M27500-20TG1T14 part # 11-14420 is 2mm.

Q: What is the outside diameter of MIL-C-27500, 16 gauge wire?

The nominal outside diameter of 16 ga wire under m27500-16tg1t14 is .092 inches.

Q: Is the 24 gauge 2 conductor a twisted pair wire?

M27500-24TG1T14 is a single conductor. Please look at Part# 11-04477.

Q: Is the M27500-18TG3T14 wire have two internal wires with a shield for three conductor or three internal wires with an external shield (4 conductors total)?

This has an external shield and has 3 individual wires inside.

Q: What is the outer diameter of the M27500-22TG6T14 cable?

.180 inch OD.

Q: What are the applications for shielded wire vs un-shielded wire?

The installation manual for the unit in question must always be consulted for the recommended wire that must be used.

Q: Is this tefzel wire?

No this is Extruded Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene

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