Part# 11-08766
MFR Model# LS03-07101-14


Lone Star Aviationís new line of LED panel indicators are available in a RED, Green, or Amber lenses. The indicators can be (dimmed) to interior lighting conditions and TESTED by a PRESS to TEST function. The panel indicators are 14vdc and are installed into a (.468 mounting hole)in the aircraftís instrument panel.

The LED panel indicators are typically used for (indicating), (alerting) or (warning) the pilot of a possible system malfunction and or system failure.

The indicator is a MS 25041 aluminum body and standard T1-3/4 led. Indicators are also available in 28vdc with standard led bulb as well as an T1-3/4 bulb at 28vdc
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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While a bit pricey, the lights reminiscent of the old mil type and have a much more professional look as opposed to some of the more modern lighting. And, appear to be more durable. Easy to install and to replace the lamp should it ever fail. Full range of diming.

Chinookflight L
February 25, 2021


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Q: What is the amp draw for this light?

Per the vendor, the amp draw is very low. Approximately 20 milliamps.

Q: Do I have to by the bulbs separate from the indicator light?

No, a bulb is included.

Q: How is it dimmed? By twisting the housing (i.e. a mechanical dimming)

The panel mount indicator is dimmed by rotating the CAP, mechanical.

Q: Is a series resistor required for installation on a 12 v system?

No, if you're using in a 12 volt system it is not required.

Q: What is the brightness of this gear light indicator compared to your other MS25041 indicators with LED bulbs?

The manufacturer does not have any data that compares the two. However the brightness for LS03-07100-14 is 460 mcd (millicandela).

Q: Can this be used for a JPI EDM-900 Remote Alarm Light (RAL)?

Yes, if the 900 is a primary gauge the light needs to be label "engine".

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