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Part# 11-11615
MFR Model# T3-12A-TS
RAC Servo Sys.Part No.Output
Travel Time
T3-12A11-116151.2 in.19 sec.


Ray Allen trim systems were designed specifically for experimental aircraft. Ray Allen servos are small enough to fit in individual control surfaces or can be used with lighweight springs acting directly on the control system.

Ray Allen trim systems also come with RS2 rocker switches and RP4 LED indicators. All Ray Allen indicators operate off of feedback sensors located inside the servo. These feedback sensors are purposefully isolated from the power supply to the servo motor to guard against possible electronic failure. Ray Allen trim systems also come with a RC8-7 clevis/pushrod kit.

Ray Allen has three different T2 and T3 servos available:

T2-7A Trim System has .7" (17mm) travel

T2-10A Trim System has 1.0" (26mm) travel

T3-12A Trim System has 1.2" (31 mm) travel

In addition, we also have available the T4-5 Trim System which has .5 inch (13mm) travel. This servo does not have a compatible indicator.

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Q: Will these servo's work on flaps for a KR2 aircraft?

Per the manufacture they have seen KR2 aircraft go with the T2-7A 11-11505 or the T2-10A 11-11605.

Q: RE T2-10A SERVO SYS.W/FULL POS IN (11-11605): What are the dimensions of the servo?

Approx dims: 2-7/16" L x 2" W x 1-1/16" D.

Q: Regarding the Clevis that comes with the T2-10A. What is the width across the clevis on the trim tab end. ie. The width of material the clevis would fit over.

Per the manufacturer: The width of the clevis on the trim tab end is .437"

Q: What is the operating voltage of these RAC trim motors? Im using 28 volt system.

These trim motors run on 12-14VDC. You will need to use part number 11-02036 to converter from 28V to 12V.

Q: Do you carry, or will you be carrying the Ray Allen B6 series actuators? If so do you have pricing in place?

Yes, we will be carrying them very soon. Pricing will be posted on our web site as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Q: Is there a warranty on motor?

These come with a one year warranty.

Q: Does this kit come with the wire?

No, the WC3 teflon wire will be an extra cost.

Q: Can these servos be used to replace PET-1 servos on certified piper PA28 aircraft?

No, the t2-7a servo from ray allen is not a direct replacement for the pet-1. Please note that the t2-7a is not a certified product.

Q: Can the trim position indicator be bought separately?

Yes, please look at p/n: 11-16285

Q: What is the hole size for the indicator, part # 11-11505?

Indicator holes are 0.086" diameter, #44 drill per manufacturer.

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