Part# 12-01788


Micro-stop (Nylon Face)
1/4" Shaft
1/4" -28 Female Threads
Adjustable in .001" increments
11/16" Cutter Capacity
Rates for 3000 RPM use


Super easy to use. Simple adjustment mechanism.

Irv W
October 8, 2020

Great tool!! We build museum exhibits and fasteners are visible much of the time. They need to have a nice, uniform, finished look. This tool is very well made, easily adjustable to very fine increments. It works beautifully with the piloted countersinks bits giving good, repeated, uniform bevel every time. The cage stop doesnt rotate on the substrate surface at all so there is no marring or scuffing. It also allows for clearing of chips. I highly recommend this tool for anyone doing finish work with visible fasteners, it saves us a ton of time. If youre not doing rivets or aircraft assembly like us and using normal, consumer, screws and bolts get the 82 deg. countersink set and/or make sure to check the bevel angle of the hardware you are using.

Steve B
January 15, 2020

Nice setup, only had about 100 holes but if performed perfectly. Easy to swap bits too!

January 5, 2020

Nice tool! Very easy to use with good results. No instructions included however. Took a minute to figure out how to adjust depth stop

November 16, 2018

This product is everything it is supposed to be. Used it to countersink fiberglass on my experimentals cowling. Easy to set up. Easy to adjust.

Lcdr D
December 17, 2017


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