Part# 12-02085
MFR Model# C25PS


The 12-Volt Electric Powered Carts are appropriate for either indoor or outdoor use and are typically used for anti-icing operations using SAE Type IV anti-icing fluid. These carts use a 12-volt, 3-chamber diaphragm, non-circulating pump with a demand pressure switch that provides fluid flow rates of up to 2.4gpm/60 psi. (Optional 4.5 pump available for 60 gallon cart, please call Aircraft Spruce for details.)

Electric Powered De-icing carts can be used in a hanger. They provide lower fluid pressure and flow rates (vs the gasoline engine powered carts), and use a non-circulating pump (to avoid viscosity degradation of SAE Type IV fluid), which makes them suitable for anti-icing operations prior to moving the aircraft outdoors. All carts are supplied complete including a steel frame and tires, corrosion-resistant polyethylene tank, 24" hinged tow bar with pintel ring, nose wheel, pump, pressure gauge, high-pressure 3/8" hose and pistol-grip deluxe handgun with 24" brass extension and brass conejet tip. Also included is an automatic, on-board charging and battery system that makes these units completely self-contained.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Technical Specifications

Electric Powered Carts C25PS C40PS C60PS
Tank Capacity 25 gallons 40 gallons 60 gallons
Tank Material Polyethylene Polyethylene Polyethylene
Pump Type 12 volt Diaphragm 12 volt Diaphragm 12 volt Diaphragm
Pump Amps – Max 7 Amp 7 Amp 7 Amp
Pump Output – Max 2.4 GPM 2.4 GPM 2.4 GPM
Pump Pressure – Max 60 PSI 60 PSI 60 PSI
Pressure Gauge 0-100 PSI 0-100 PSI 0-100 PSI
Adjustable Pressure 60 PSI Cutoff 60 PSI Cutoff 60 PSI Cutoff
Sprayer Gun Deluxe Handgun Deluxe Handgun Deluxe Handgun
Extension Hose 25’-3/8”ID 25’-3/8”ID 50’-3/8”ID
Main Tires 16x6.5-8 Pneumatic Turf- Tread 18 x 9.5 x 8" 6.70-15 4 ply
Nose Wheel 5” Caster 5” Caster 5” Caster
Hitch 24" Hinged Tow Bar with pintel ring 24" Hinged Tow Bar with pintel ring 24" Hinged Tow Bar with pintel ring
Self-Containment Kit Battery and Charger Battery and Charger Battery and Charger
Warranty 90 Days 90 Days 90 Days
Approx. Ship Weight 65 lbs. 210 Lbs. 230 Lbs.
Overall Dimensions 51x28x26 66x29x32 80x44x37



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