Installation Kit For The Navigator Compass

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Part# 10-02123


Installation kit for the Navigator Compass. Kit contents: Adjusting tool, Cleaning Pad, & Instructions.
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In The Box

  • Instructions
  • Tool (Key)
  • Cleaning Pad


Installation Kit was not identified in the ordering information as included in the order and this was confirmed in the Q & A. Consequently, I ordered the Installation Kit with the SIRS Compass. On receipt of the SIRS Compass the Installation Kit was included and the Installation Kit was returned.

Builders G
September 15, 2020

My old compass card on my SIRS Navigator compass broke after becoming brittle from sun exposure. I had to purchase this overpriced replacement. The card is thin plastic and not of the same quality as the compass.

Ted G Verified Purchase


November 15, 2022

The SIRS Navigator is one of the finest compasses available for GA aircraft. However, the compass correction card and installation kit is the worst. It’s odd that a company would design such a beautifully engineered compass and use a cheap plastic correction card and double sided 3M adhesive strip to mount it.

Ross V
September 10, 2021

I have no idea why this did not come the compass in the first place. This could not have cost more than $1.50 to produce. $5.00 would have been a fair and profitable price for this product. Or the screws could be slotted or Phillips, unimpressed

C15 P
October 11, 2019

I bought a SIRS compass and thought that I needed to buy the installation kit separately. It turns out that the installation kit is included with the compass. It also turns out that the installation kit consists of about $0.75 worth of product for the price of $42. Rarely am I so glad to return something Ive purchased. Aircraft Spruce, of course, made the return effortless.

William A
November 14, 2019


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Q: There are two reviews one says that the installation kit comes with the SIRS compass and one that says it doesnt - do I need to order this or not?

For example, part # 10-02123, comes with instructions, Tool key and cleaning pad.

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