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Nuvite engineers have formulated a system of polishes to meet the needs for almost any metal and paint polishing project. New metal to antique, the formulations in the NuShine II Polishing System will give superior definition, highlights, imagery, clarity, and will retain the finish longer than normal polishes. Nuvite’s NuShine II graded polishes use high technology materials with programmed abrasive characteristics and are blended with superior carriers to offer the ability to produce cutting action when needed, yet offer micron-level finishing in the finer grades that produces highest reflectance and image excellence.


  • Exceptional Surface Polish, With Oxidation and Corrosion Removal
  • Imparts Extreme Image Clarity to Alum., Brass, Copper, Steel, etc.
  • Easy and Economical to Use
  • Removes Spots, Stains, Cloudy “Undercast” and Orange Peel
  • Grades from Heavy Cut to Final Finish
  • Preserves and Protects Substrate From Further Oxidation
  • Polish grades available for surface preparation & corrosion removal
  • Removes discoloration and cloudiness
  • Finishing grade achieves extreme gloss, definition, depth, imagery
  • Preserves and protects substrate from further oxidation
  • Extreme economy of material use
  • Reduces manhour polishing time through system efficiency
  • Safe to all aircraft components


  • Appearance: -white, tan, orange or dark gray viscous cream/paste Odor: -mild pH -8.2 - 8.4
  • Solubility: -dispersible in water Spec.
  • Gravity: -1.19 - 1.23 @ 25 degrees C

Grade Differences

Grade S (for final finishes)
The finishing grade that gives the really deep, clear image when used as a final finish over a properly prepared, oxidation-free surface.
0.5 Lb. jar P/N 09-00578

Grade G6 (SS & titanium or heavily oxidized aluminum)
When a heavy cut of the surface is needed, G6 may be a good answer. G6 has a high-tech abrasive system that is designed to do a quick, aggressive cut, and immediately break down to a finer cut, similar to Grade C. Use when there is heavy oxidation on the surface of aluminum, or even when very light corrosion is evident. Can also be used to blend surface scratches in aluminum. Can also be used for polishing stainless steel.

Grade C (for unpolished aluminum and repolishing degraded brightwork)
C is a cutting grade polish that we recommend to prep for using Grade S. Use Grade C to begin polishing on clad aluminum that has never been polished. Will also remove the cloudy/hazy white background found in many otherwise good polish finishes.

Grade A
A medium finishgrade that gives a clear, clean shine and can be used as a light cutting grade to remove very slight oxidation, such as when a good polish job starts to slightly degrade. Also useful for hand polishing in tight spots where buffers cannot reach. Will give good finishes good, bright look similar to usual commercial grade polishes, but still should be followed by Grade S to get the spectacular “Nuvite Look”.

Grade F7
F7 has a very hard and sharp, but very fine media that continues its action throughout the buffing process. It is best used for removing heavy oxidation, corrosion, pits or scratches from aluminum surfaces, stretch-formed aluminum, polishing new, non-clad aluminum, or for polishing stainless steel or titanium. It is usually best to follow F7 with C and then grade S.

Grade F9
F9 is used where the surface has been damaged by stripping processes, sanded or scratched by abrasive cloth. Ask your Nuvite representative for specific recommendations, but never use standard sanding papers –even wet. There are specialty micro fine surface sanding materials (specialty grade abrasives –not commercial grade sandpapers) that may be helpful in really severe situations prior to using F9. But F9 is a good surface blender and is useful even for non-clad aluminum, harder alloys and anodized surfaces needing special procedures because of the surface hardness before moving on to grade G6 or C for further surface preparation.
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Works great

Marc M
October 5, 2020

Speedy service

David C
October 2, 2020


David L
September 26, 2020

delivered on time. I think delivery cost was a bit high

Gene D
August 18, 2020

Worked well, very fast service. Received within a week of ordering.

Angelene P
July 16, 2020

Excellent product! Great customer service. Very fast shipping too!

Aaron T
July 10, 2020


June 29, 2020

Works great. Helped shine my pontoons fairly well. Pilot shop has amazing customer service as well. Would never hesitate to buy from here again!

June 23, 2020

Great stuff! Turn aluminum into chrome (just about)

Steve R
May 28, 2020

The nuvite line of polishes is ideal for polishing Aluminum or other metals. You can bring a very dull piece up to a high gloss. You need to look at the Nuvite tutorial on line to make sure you are using the proper techniques. I have maitained the polish on my RV9a for 7 years now. Only do a complete polish evry 2 years or so. Just touch up ocasionally. A little goes a long ways. You need a variable speed rotary buffer for all the grades accept S. For S I use the double headed random orbital polisher offered by nuvite. By the way, it is also sold by Aircraft Spruce. Great Products. I dont know of anything that would substitute.

John O
March 19, 2020


Q: Does NuShine II Grade G6 has silicona?

Yes, per the MSDS sheet, it lists the following: Silica (SiO2)(Respirable Dust)* - OSHA PEL 0.1mg/M3 - ACGIH TLV 0.01mg/M3 - % (Optional) 15. Note: SiO2 is embodied in product, thus restricting respirable dust conditions.

Q: How can I determine the manufactures date on nushine G6 & IIc?

Please request c of c at time of order for certificate with included expire date for the can. It can also be looked up after the order via the manufacturing lot #.

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