Part# 15-04922
MFR Model# 1177
DescriptionPart Number
8" Aluminum Wheel - 3/4" Bearing15-04922


Azusa 8" Aluminum Wheel "The Spinner"

The 8" Azusa Aluminum Wheel & Brake Kit: Complete with two #1175 wheel, 5/8" sealed bearings, two #2530 Azusa round style brakes, two #2542 Azusa brake drums, two #7012 Azusa tires 4.80-4.00X8 and two #7121 Azusa tubes 4.80-4.00X8
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Great product at a great price with fast shipping. The sells person on the phone was so helpful, polite and professional. Thanks to all for all...Regards, J D Owens

Jerry D
August 20, 2018


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Q: I would like to know the ID and the type of bearings and the weight of this wheel. In addition I would like to know the Azusa brake that fits and its weight. Thank you. Giuseppe Blinik

Per the manufacturer, this wheel (part number 15-04922) has 3/4" I.D. standard ball bearings, and weighs 2.9 lbs. They recommend their Azusa 5" drum brakes, our p/n 06-03450, used with brake drum 2542. The brake assy and drum weigh 2 lbs.

Q: How wide is the 15-04922 wheel?

The width of this wheel is approximately 3-1/2".

Q: Could you tell me the tires suitable for the above wheel, and advise an all in price for two, with tires, brakes and drums?

This wheel can fit 14-300X8, 410/350X8, or 480/400X8 tires. You will need to select the tire size you want to use and select them from the tires we offer. There isn't a specific brake assembly either, so you will need to review the options available. Unfortunately there is not a kit with all the components included.

Q: Do these wheels have a weight limit and max rpm?

These do not. The manufacturer found that the tires failed long before the wheels in testing, you would use the tire info for these spec.