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Designed for flight schools with single engine trainers. At a competitive price, you can have the high quality and durability of a Aero Trainer®
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Tires and tubes have not been mounted yet so no report to give at this time.

James J Verified Purchase


January 4, 2022

The tires are great! They fit my rim perfectly. I forgot to pay attention to the dot on the tire for locating the valve stem, so I will try to balance them on the trike.

Wesley F
January 4, 2021

Not super durable, but inexpensive. What you want if you are doing a million touch-and-go landings with students. Better than putting lots of cycles on expensive tires.

Lynn A
December 1, 2019

Maybe Ill have a better idea how to rate this item when my plane is finished and I can actually use them. In the meantime all I can say is that the shipping seems to be much more than most vendors I use normally.

June 12, 2020

Tire ran true but required a lot of weight to balance.

Thomas M
October 14, 2019


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Q: What is the weight of the Aero Trainer 5.00 x 5 tire, part # 06-01700?

This tire weighs approximately 5.25 lbs.

Q: Can you please list suitable tubes for these Aero Trainer tires?

Yes, we have added the appropriate tubes to the 'Accessories' tab of the web page. Please review them there.

Q: What is the inflated diameter of this tire, AERO TRAINER 5.00X5 6PLY?

The inflated diameter of this tire is 13.9".

Q: Your tube listed for the Aero Trainer 600x6 tire is not useable with hub caps. Which tube would be the one to order for use with wheels with Hub Caps?

If it is the stem that is the issue, P/N# 06-00754 will have a straight stem and P/N# 06-01229 will have a bent 90 degree stem that may work for you.

Q: Arrow trainer Tire 5.00 - 5, 6 ply maxload 1285 lb. What is max inflatable pressure?

There is no max for pressure on the tire. That would be on the tube.

Q: Can this tire be run tubeless on a tubeless wheel?

No, this tire will require a tube.

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