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Part# AN386-2-9A
MFR Model# 13141-1
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Manufactured from alloy steel, minimum tensile strength 125,000 PSI. Cadmium plated. Taper: 0.500"/ft. Use with AN975 taper pin washer, AN320 shear castle nut and cotter pin or with AN364 elastic stop nut. When installed, the small end of the tapered shank should protrude no more than 1/16" above the surface of the assembly. The first dash number is the Brown & Sharpe taper pin reamer number and the second dash number is the grip length in eighths of an inch. For undrilled threaded shank add the letter "A" after second dash number.

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Just what I ordered. Lee

Lee W
February 10, 2021

Great item to add to keep to parts from working loose.

Dennis B
December 29, 2020

as advertized

Bill V
May 18, 2020

Pin worked perfectly. It was an exact duplicate of an 80 year old pin. Thanks!

Richard C
March 5, 2020

I used a taper pin on the control arms for my ailerons. They worked great and took all the play out that had previously existed with just a thru bolt. Be careful when installing to use the correct drill size for the initial hole and to approach the final taper diameter carefully to prevent overshooting the desired level of penetration. A small increase in diameter of the taper results in a very large increase in penetration depth.

February 3, 2018


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Q: What are the appropriate reamer sizes to use with Taper Pins 1, 2, 3, 4?

You would want to use the "BROWNE & SHARPE TAPER REAMERS" for AN386 taper pins. They are labeled as 1-10 for the applicable sized taper pin. The first number after the AN386-, is the Brown & Sharpe taper pin reamer size required.

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