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SinglePack of 10
Part NumberTypeMS Dash #Length
AN501-A10-12Fine ThreadMS35266-653/410-32--


All part numbers will follow this format: AN###. To further distinguish between the part numbers, you'll notice that a dash ("-") has been added, followed by some specific variation of more numbers. If there is an "A" after the dash, the part is cadmium plated, Type II, Class 3, with a drilled head. If there is NOT an "A" after the dash, the part is Cadmium plated, Type I.

AN500 (coarse thread) and AN501 (fine thread) slotted fillister head screws are fabricated from carbon steel. Tensile strength 55,000 PSI

AN502 (fine thread) and AN503 (coarse thread) drilled head, slotted fillister head screws are fabricated from steel meeting specification MIL-S-6050. Tensile strength 125,000 PSI. Cadmium plated, Type II Class 3.

California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.


Just as advertised.

Rod R
April 23, 2021

My first order was to see if these were correct length(no grind down to fit) for SU Carburetors Suction Chamber screws,This is my 2nd order of these Fillister Head screws as they are better than stock head diameter and of course Safety Wire Drilled !! Wont use anything else on my Carb Rebuilds !!

January 12, 2021

1st order to make sure they were correct for my carb rebuilds !! And they are perfect for 60s era SU Carb resto race look !! Thanx

December 24, 2020

Prefect length for C-85 lower center valve rocker cover when the standard 3/8 length has stripped..

June 5, 2020

a screw is a screw....

F. L
January 17, 2020

Perfect fit and great finish coating. Pricing was very reasonable.

Robert S
December 21, 2018

AA+ fast delivery, great screws...

William R
February 28, 2018

My bad on this one. I should have ordered the MS35266-63 Fine Thread. Ill get it on the next order

February 19, 2017


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