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All MetalMK1000-41/4-28


Anchor nuts are designed for blind mounted applications where it is impractical to use hex nuts or where it is desirable to have an attached nut for ease of maintenance.

MS21069, NAS697N

All Metal Anchor Nut
(K1000-Full Size / MK1000-Miniature)

California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Michael H Verified Purchase


June 6, 2023

Barry B Verified Purchase


September 22, 2021

Everything arrived on time as ordered

Curtis T
February 27, 2021

Great for where you need a smaller nut plate.

Travis E
June 23, 2018

Available in a minature and full size rivet spacing. Both are equally tough.

Robert C
May 31, 2018

Excellent nut plate for limited space applications and maximum structural strength is not required.

Bernie N
January 12, 2018

High quality item, but it is very fragile looking. Definitely, not for heavy duty use. For my purposes, I ended up ordering Part #AN366F-1032A MS21078-3, which served my purposes much better.

July 16, 2017


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Q: I am looking for anchor nuts for an RV cowl, for the plate that covers the end of the hinge pin. It would be best to use 8-32 machine screws. Do you have self-locking anchor nuts in that size? I don't see them. Are these MK1000 all-metal ones self locking?

Yes, these all metal anchor nuts are self locking. You can use MK1000-08 for your application.

Q: Please confirm that the thread size for the MK1000-04 is #4-40 as it is not shown in the table.

Yes, the MK1000-04 has 4-40 threads.

Q: The MK1000-6, what is the grip length for the rivets? How thick is the nut plate where the rivet passes through?

The thickness for the nut plate where the rivet passes through would be .047". As for what the grip length for the rivets that you need would depend on your application of which you are trying to rivet these to.

Q: What is the size of the rivet holes on these MK1000 Two Lug All Metal Anchor Nuts?

The mounting holes are .098". 3/32" rivets are used to attach them.

Q: What AN screw size is used in the 4-40 MK1000 anchor nut?

We would use a screw threaded 4-40. Like AN526-440r8 for example.

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