1512 Series LED Eyeball Cockpit Lights - 14V

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4 Red4 White2 Red + 2 White
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These lights work great in overhead consoles and tight spaces. 30 degree adjustable angle, 360 degree adjustable rotation. LED technology draws less current (40 mA max.) and last much longer, (20,000+ hours.) and are fully dimmable.

The light is availabe in three light color version, two housing colors, and two voltages. The light colors are four red LED's, four white LED's, and two red/two white LEDS that can be lit separately with a SPDT switch (not included.)

The housing colors are black or clear anodize. There are two voltages: 14 and 28. The light has a 1.45" flange and mounts in a 1.25" hole. The light requires 1" behind the mounting surface and is only 5/8" in front. It will accept up to 0.2" thick mounting surface.

Reference Chart

Body Color
Part No.
4 Red 14V L.E.D.s
4 White 14V L.E.D.s
2 Red 2 White 14V L.E.D.s
4 Red 14V L.E.D.s
4 White 14V L.E.D.s
2 Red 2 White 14V L.E.D.s


Seemed solid enough but my problem was that the two led lights for either color (dual color model) cast a really annoying light pattern since they are set off to the side of the ring and there is no diffuser. It looks like the light should be aimed nicely but its not really the case. Returned item.

Mark E
July 9, 2018

Attractive appearance, but poorly thought out design. All panels in my aircraft are removable for maintenance, but this light must have the wires disconnected to remove the panel (the nut is installed on the backside, unlike virtually every other device in the airplane). I installed a connector on the wires as a solution, but it is far easier to remove the face nut on all other devices without disturbing the wires. Another problem is this device has reversed the usual circuit for dual color lights this device has a common power lead, and separate ground leads for the red and white circuits, rather than the customary common ground and separate power leads. All other dual lighting in my plane has red / white power leads on a switch, and I had to duplicate the circuitry (to a single DPDT switch) to switch ground leads for these lights.

Daniel L
April 9, 2018

Bought 6 of the 28 volt. It is the right size and correct amount of light. The problem is the ball does not swivel with you fingers, you must use two hands on the front and back to move it or a pare of pliers. If this unit is mounted on the typical aircraft plastic interior, you will absolute break the panel. The second major issue is the mounting installation is backward. When installed per directions, if removing the interior panel for the annual inspection, you will need to cut the wires to remove them. If the mounting screw were reversed it could be removed without disturbing the wiring. Disappointing.

Phil S
October 13, 2013


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Q: How many lumens or candella do these put out? Do you have any output info?

Per the manufacturer, these put out 4,000 MCD per LED (each light contains 4 LEDs). Also, it is a 45 degree spread light.

Q: Are these LED eyeball cockpit lights dimable?

Per the supplier: Yes, they are dimable. Since they are LED they dim at a different weight but they are dimable and can dim with any regular dimmer attachment.

Q: Can the red and the white be dimmed separately and at the same time to vary the intensity color?

Per the vendor: yes, they can.

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