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Color Size Part Number Price Buy
Blue 2" Booster Seat x 1-1/2" Back 13-02916 $84.75
Blue 3" Booster Seat x 1-1/2" Back 13-02918 $79.95
Blue 3" Booster Seat x 3" Back 13-02920 $83.95
Blue 4" Booster Seat x 1-1/2" Back 13-31855 $83.95
Blue 4" Booster Seat x 1-1/2" Back
(Cut Out for Flight Stick)
13-12077 $84.75
Blue 4" Booster Seat x 3" Back 13-31845 $83.95
Red 2" Booster Seat x 1-1/2" Back 13-02917 $86.75
Red 3" Booster Seat x 1-1/2" Back 13-02919 $84.75
Red 3" Booster Seat x 3" Back 13-02922 $83.95
Red 4" Booster Seat x 3" Back 13-31850 $79.95
Red 4" Booster Seat x 1-1/2" Back 13-31860 $83.95
Blue 3" Child Booster Cushion (No Back) 13-02923 $35.65
Red 3" Child Booster Cushion (No Back) 13-02924 $37.95
Blue 4" Child Booster Cushion (No Back) 13-02925 $36.80
Red 4" Child Booster Cushion (No Back) 13-31861 $35.75
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Sit higher, and sit softer on 2 or 3 inches of high-density foam covered with durable, "breathable" Cordura. Made of USAF specifications, with segmented backrest. Really makes a difference on a long flight. Also available: 3 or 4-inch thick child's cushion that finally lets kids see outside, keeps them interested as well as comfortable during long trips. Both seat and cushion are available in Air Force blue, or red.
Dimensions for all Seats:
Back: Width - 16" Height - 17"
Seat: Width -15" Depth - 12"
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Great seat. Just what I needed! A benefit I wasnt expecting is that it reduces fatigue on long flights. The Nelsons would be proud that you are carrying their seat.

Deb W
October 15, 2019

I laughed at the description hinting that this is for kids. Im a 411 adult and this allows me to fly airplanes comfortably and with good visibility.

Meryl K
August 16, 2019

Michelle S
December 20, 2018

This flight cushion is very high quality and has really made an improvement in my flying enjoyment. I love it.

July 31, 2018

Bought a second one. First one with lower foam and lesser back pad I use as my primary seat cushion in a little Chalenger 1 and love it. The new one I had to get for my vertically challenged Wife, so she can see out the windshield and reach the pedals in the 172. The seat seams VERY stiff but hopefully will get softer with use. My wife uses it reversed. Seat as back cushion and back padding for seat. Now she can reach the pedals.

Williams C
May 17, 2018

Good quality, thick cordura-style material thickness as advertised. Seat foam is very firm. I dont know if it will break in or not. Has an Aircraft Spruce logo facing forward when seated on top of back rest. Shipping was quick as usual. Bought to boost a child up so the could see over the glare shield.

Jeff B
January 14, 2018

Started taking some lessons again, and I always needed a cushion. This one-piece foldable back with a good firm bottom seat cushion looks and feels very good, and was just what I needed.

January 4, 2018

Anthony C
August 19, 2017

I have two CPS seats both work great, are easy to carry and fit in a Diamond DA-20. They are priced well and delivered on time!

Mark I
May 16, 2017

Great cushion. I found I needed one when I moved up to the C182, and this one fit the bill perfectly. Easy to use and very comfortable.

Richard B
April 10, 2017


Q: Do the backrests attach by zippers to the seat of the Proflight Booster Seats or are they permanently attached?

The backs are sewn onto the proflight booster seats. They do NOT attach via zipper.

Q: How much do these Proflight Booster seats weigh? Specifically the thinnest one with a seat back. Part Number 13-02916.

This product (13-02916) weighs approximately 2.5 lbs.

Q: Is this booster seat approved for use in a car?

We do not have any information regarding regulations or approvals required for automotive use.

Q: Is there strapping in back to hold the seat cushion 13-02916 in place?

No, the back of the booster seat does not have a strap.

Q: Is the foam in the 4 inch child booster cushion the same density and firmness as the 4 inch booster with the back?

Yes, it is the same foam.

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