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4 Paws K-9 Ear Muffs - Black

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4 Paws Aviation has come out with hearing protection for your pet.
Average of 15 dBHL greater sound reduction than what’s on the market today.
This Ear Muff hearing protection is made of nylon, aircraft approved sound deadening foam, non-toxic “gel” cups, webbing, and a safety “break a way” clip.

They can be used with the only oxygen hood delivery system for your pet also offered by 4 Paws Aviation.

California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Size Chart

Head Size
Part No.
4 Paws K-9 Ear Muffs-Small
5 to 25
7" and 13"
4 Paws K-9 Ear Muffs-Medium
20 to 85
9" and 19"
4 Paws K-9 Ear Muffs-Large
Over 85
Greater than 19"



Im amazed at the fit, Dexter actually left them on, so they must be comfortable for him.

Donald E Verified Purchase


June 30, 2022

As advertised and just what we were looking for. shipped quickly. Our small dog wears the ear muffs, no problem. The small are just that, small, but fits the 9 head of our dog. Takes a little work to get them to stay in place, but once you figure it out they work great. I might add a snuggy wrap around them later to help secure them better. Only need it if Maggie gets too active.

Gilbert P Verified Purchase


January 19, 2022

These units work pretty well. I bought two for two medium sized dogs. They stay on the head quite well and looked comfortable. I like them better than mutt muffs. They seem more robust and high-end

Michael A Verified Purchase


January 4, 2022

Fit perfect.worked great

Cheryl D Verified Purchase


July 15, 2021

The ear muffs worked great on our terrier mix dog. We used them on the days leading up to & on the 4th of July so he wouldnt hear fireworks.

July 7, 2020

Everything was good, excellent communication, prompt delivery, well packaged and the best price I could find. They adjusted easily and stayed on with no problem. I have no idea if they actually block noise, sure hope so.

August 23, 2019

I have 2 sets of ear defenders for my Belgian shepherds, these and a different brand. These ones have a better seal at the ear canal of the dog so I can only estimate that these offer a little better protection. Also, there is higher density foam used as the sound suppressing material in these. Use the size chart that is on the 4 paws website because we used the on the ACS site and ended up ordering a size Large which must be designed for giant breeds like mastiffs. They were far too large for my 65 and 68 pound Belgians. The company immediately offered to swap them for me no charge as soon as I contacted them. Excellent customer service and I would definitely purchase this product again.

Colin N
March 10, 2017

It appears to help reduce noises. My dog becomes much calmer.

Lynn H
February 8, 2021

It had made a huge difference in my service dog being able to atttend church with me as these days the worship music is so loud. These stay on pretty well, especially in a crate. We thought we lost them, but no , they were hanging around his neck! Other colors would be great. Thank you for making a product that eases the pain of super loud noise for my service dog

Tamara A
April 7, 2019

I’d give it 5 is the sizing were more accurate. I get the small for my 15 lb Havanese but can barely get his ear in it. Once I do, they stay on fairly well, especially in his crate. They seem well made. I bought a scecond pair because I thought the first pair were lost, turned out they had slid and hung around his neck. So a color other than black would really help with black dogs. I use soft earplugs underneath and now at church , where the music is absurdly loud, he just goes to sleep. Have some for humans?

Tamara A
March 26, 2019


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Q: What color does size small of the 4 Paws K9 EarMuffs come in?

All sizes of these 4Paws K-9 ear muffs are black.

Q: Has anyone used them with a 8 lb Yorkie Terrier? My dogs ears seem to be very sensitive to my airplane and also live music. He loves to be with me so I want him more comfortable with me putting my hands over his eats.

Yes, the small size muffs should work great for your Yorkie.

Q: For sizing: Is head measurement circumference?

The head size is measured from under the mouth around and over the top of the head and back down.

Q: I have a 17-lb Papillon dog with REALLY big ears. Would a size small fit his ears? Theyre 4 inches long and the base of the ear is 2 inches wide.

Most likely the medium but we cannot guarantee the fit as each dog is different.

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