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Ocean Signal Safesea V100 Gmdss Handheld VHF Radio

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The Ocean Signal range of survival craft VHF hand portable radiotelephones exceed the requirements of IMO, SOLAS and GMDSS.
  • Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery option available with rapid charger, for everyday normal use
  • Fully waterproof, even 40C thermal shock
  • High efficiency transmitter for maximum battery life
  • Rugged design exceeds GMDSS environmental requirements
  • Lithium primary battery for emergency use
    • Novel battery protection tab protects from inadvertent use
    • Battery classified as non-hazardous for shipment
    • Battery provides in excess of 16 hours typical operation, even at -20C. (10% Tx, 10% Rx, 80% Squelched)
  • Laser etched key legends for durability
  • High contrast, backlit LCD and keypad
  • Rugged accessory socket option; waterproof to IP68 for use with headsets, helmets, fist mikes, etc.
  • 4 scanning modes, D/W, T/W, scan and memory scan
  • 21 simplex channels according to IMO SOLAs requirements
The SafeSea V100 survival craft hand portable radiotelephone meets all the requirements of the IMO for carriage on SOLAS ships. Designed to be ultra-rugged and easy to use, both on-board and in distress situations, the V100 is the ideal choice for mandatory and voluntary carriage.

The novel battery protection tab means the primary battery can be permanently attached to the radio without fear of losing its charge. The radio will always be available for use in times of emergency without the need to remove protective labels or the like before use. Simply break off the red protective tab and the radio will be immediately ready to turn on.

For everyday use, Ocean Signal offers a lithium polymer rechargeable battery (RB5V) option is available. The quick release rapid charger provides the ideal solution for keeping the batteries fully charged.

For routine testing of the V100 an alkaline, non-rechargeable, battery (TB6V) is available. This battery has limited life for testing only and not suitable for operational use.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: This product may expose you to chemicals including DI(2-ETHYLHEXYL)PHTHALATE (DEHP), which is / are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


  • Output Power (High):2.5Watts
  • Output Power (Low):1Watt
  • Modulation:5kHz(max) FM
  • Emission Designator:16K0G3EJN
  • Pre-Emphasis:6dB/octave (300Hz to 3kHz)
  • Spurious Emissions:<0.25Watt
  • Sensitivity (20dB SINAD):-117dBm
  • Audio Output Power:0.4W
  • Adjacent Channel Rejection:>70dB
  • Intermodulation Rejection:>68dB
  • Spurious Response Rejection:>70dB
  • Spurious Emissions:<2nWatt
  • Number of channels (GMDSS: simplex only)21
  • Primary:Lithium
  • Chemistry:Lithium/Iron Disulfide (Li/FeS2)
  • Operational Lifetime (10% Tx:10% Rx:80% Squelched):>16hours
  • Replacement interval:5years
  • Rechargeable:Lithium Polymer
  • IEC60945 Category:Portable
  • Operating Temperature Range:-20C to +55C
  • Storage Temperature Range:-30C to +70C
  • Humidity:93% @ +40C
  • Waterproof:1metre for 30minutes
  • Thermal Shock:100mm with 45C drop for 1hour
  • Drop proof (onto hardwood surface):1metre (6 faces)
  • Height (Body only): 141mm
  • Width: 68mm (70mm inc. battery tab)
  • Depth: 37mm
Standards and Approvals (pending)
  • Approval Standards: (GMDSS)
  • IMO regulations: A.694(17); MSC.149(77)
  • VHF: IEC61097-12
  • EMC: IEC60945
  • European approval: Marine Equipment Directive A.1/5.17
  • USA standards (GMDSS): CFR47 part 80.1101



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