Pilot Mission Training Reference Card Combo (Private / IFR / Weather)

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Included in this bundle are Private Pilot T-Ref parts 1 and 2; Instrument T-Ref parts 1 and 2; and the Weather T-Ref. Student, private, and commercial pilots will all benefit from these products. T-Refs (training references) are designed to eliminate the hassle of flipping through hundreds of pages to find your answer and are presented in a convenient tri-fold format. These products have a great aesthetic appeal and are absolutely loaded with content.

Regardless of whether you're looking for something as seemingly simple as a required VFR equipment list, cockpit best practices, or weather planning to something a bit more esoteric such as weight and balance calculations, these T-Refs have you covered and are easily transportable with you to and from school, the office, or even to the airport. These products measure 8.5"x11" when closed and 23.375"x11" when fully opened- making them a great product to take with you to reference throughout the day.
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Q: Can you tell me if these training reference cards are Canada or US based in content?

These training reference cards are US based in content.

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