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Part# 11-11520


Kit Contains
RAM Holder for Apple iPad Mini without Case (PN 11-11250)
RAM Adapter Round Base with Ball (PN 11-07069)
RAM Double Socket Arm for 1" Ball Bases (PN 11-01255)
RAM Yoke Base Tough Claw with 1" Rubber Ball (PN 11-12930)


Fits perfectly on the yoke in my AA5B Tiger. Doesnt interfer with my instrument scan and can be adjusted to limit sun glare.

July 1, 2018

As crowded as instrument panels are becoming the IPad mini yoke mount means every things remains visible. With foreflight as a moving map I feel I have complete situtional awareness.

Ronald H
October 29, 2017


Q: Will the Ram Yoke Mount work on an iPad Air Mini, and a 1964 Cessna 172?

Per the manufacturer, the Ram Yoke Mount will work with a 1964 Cessna 172 and the Ram holder for Ipad mini supports all current Ipad mini models that have been released at the time of this posting.

Q: Will this Ram system iPad Mini to Yoke Mount work if the iPad Mini is in an Otterbox case?

No, this iPad Mini cradle is intended to hold the iPad Mini by itself. It will not work with a case or skin.

Q: Will the device work for an IPad 3 mini to mount on a Piper Seneca 2, 1976?

Yes, the Ipad mini versions 1-3 are all the same size so the clip will fit. The yoke mount is adjustable to fit most applications.

Q: How does one rotate the ipad mini from portrait to landscape orientation with this Ram System iPad Mini to Yoke Mount?

All you will need to do is loosen the clamp on the 3-1/2" arm and rotate the device. Once you have the desired orientation, tighten the clamp and it will hold in place in that orientation.

Q: Is this RAM SYSTEM IPAD MINI TO YOKE MOUNT KIT good for Apple iPad Mini 2 Retina Display (R-D)?

Yes, this kit will fit the iPad Mini 2 without a case or sleeve.

Q: Will this Ram System iPad Mini to Yoke work with an iPad mini 4?

No, for the iPad Mini 4, order the following part numbers: 1 x 11-14148, 1 x 11-07069, 1 x 11-01255, 1 x 11-12930.

Q: Does this RAM system iPad Mini to Yoke system work in a 737 Yoke?

This system has an adjustable yoke clamp. It be clamped on rails from 0.625" - 1.5" outer diameter. There is no specific aircraft application guide, however, with this wide of a clamping range, it can work with almost any aircraft yoke.

Q: I have an Aviat Husky with iPad mini2. Will this mount be able to articulate the iPad enough to face the pilot when attached to one of the fuselage tubes that extend down from the skylight to the instrument panel?

Yes, because the RAM system uses ball joints, you have nearly total rotation capability from the joint to the iPad. This should work fine.

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