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4G4G with LED4G with Full System
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The easy, cost efficient & safe way to remote control any electrical device.
For Pilots:
No more driving to the airport hours before a flight. Turn on your Engine Heater from your cellphone, and simplify your cold flying routine! TIP: Activate a 2nd device like a Cabin Heater for your sensitive avionics, or a Coffee Maker before you arrive!

For General Use:
Your new 'Smart Home' with the easy automation from SwitchBox. Remote control your heating, lighting and air conditioning, from anywhere in the world. TIP: Turn On the A/C before you get home, or check to see if you left the lights On and turn them Off. Save Money!

Control From Home:
The switchbox can be controlled from any computer at the following link:
SwitchBox From Home

SwitchBox App for iPhone/iPad - Free

A free download for all Iphone + Ipad users, on the Apple AppStore. Download via link here: SwitchBox App or simply search 'SwitchBox App' on the AppStore. Works internationally with Free phone call function.

iPhone Features
  • Custom Labels for Outlet 1/2
  • Show Outlet Status of SwitchBox
  • Check Network Signal Strength at your SwitchBox location
  • Use Custom Passwords

SwitchBox App for Android - Free

A free download for all Android + SwitchBox users - for World wide use. Download via link here: SwitchBox App

Android Features
  • Create a Custom Password
  • Activate 'Security List' for Authorized List of Phone Numbers
  • Show Outlet Status of SwitchBox
  • Check Network Signal Strength at your SwitchBox location
  • Set Custom Timer for Phone Call Automatic OFF (Outlet 1 only)

Note: Once receiving your new Switchbox, contact support@switchboxcontrol.com to activate your device and receive your unique phone number.


  • Custom Timer up to 18 hours
  • Security List for blocking unknown callers
  • Includes 10' extended Antenna for Original Model


SwitchBox Manual (PDF)


  • Electrical: 120V/60hz. Max Power Handling 1800W
  • Network: T-Mobile Pre-activated, $3.00 credit on account, Expires after 30 days then min $10 credit must be added
  • Features: Custom Timer up to 18 hours, Security List for blocking unknown callers, Includes 10' extended Antenna for Original Model.

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It took support from both t-mobile and the SwitchBox vendor to get it working. After a couple hours of troubleshooting it works great now.

November 8, 2018

Best winter aircraft product I’ve had in years! Thank you for the good service

February 15, 2018

Couple guys at the airport are using them and I finally got one. Perfect for winter preheating and customer support is great. Highly recommended!

February 9, 2018

BEWARE...This is an overpriced, poorly constructed product and a waste of money. Had for a couple years and stopped working for no apparent reason after two dozen uses. Support is pathetic. Almost impossible to speak to anyone, they want to do everything by email and that is a waste of time troubleshooting, takes hours. They told me to send it back and they would get it working right away and sent back to me at their expense. Sent back to Switchbox at my cost and they told me it would cost $200 to fix (after they received it though they had no idea why it doesnt work). After arguing with them they lowered the price to fix $100 for a 2G device that will go out by 2020. Already paid close to $400. Would not even apply to upgrade to 4G unit. This is a bad company and a worst product. Look at the other reviews. App doesnt work, hd to just text unit. It is hit or miss and they do not stand behind their product. Will send you emails that sound like they want to help you but in reality its all about the money. I had to pay them to send the unit back unfixed.

February 7, 2018

Just received my switchbox 4G. With one quick email the I was up and running in a matter of minutes. Instructional videos and App (android in this case) make it really simple to use. Really makes flying on cold days easy, when you dont have to drive to the airport twice. On a side note customer service at switchbox cared enough to get me set up after hours, not saying it can always happen that way but nice to have great service and a great product.

March 7, 2017


Q: Im interested in the Switchbox but I don't understand the difference between the 4G and the 4G full system?

The 4G Full System comes with: antenna, battery and LED.

The basic system will not have those three items included.

Q: Are the switchboxes weatherproof for outdoor use?

No, these are intended for indoor use only.

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