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Part# 01-38400


Note: Free Shipping on catalogs shipped within the USA (including Alaska + Hawaii). Canadian and international catalog orders will incur a $20 freight charge via Bulk Mail. Additional items may incur additional freight charges. Expedited shipping will incur additional freight charges.


If you fly, repair, restore or build aircraft this catalog is a must for you. Fully illustrated with over 100,000 products for certificated, experimental and ultralight aircraft and the pilots that fly them. We carry the most extensive selection of products in the industry.
  • Over 1,100+ Pages of Full Color Aviation Products
  • Instruments & Avionics
  • Metal Sheet & Tubing
  • Composite Materials
  • Pilot Supplies
  • Airframe Parts
  • Electrical Supplies
  • Aircraft Kits
  • Engine Parts
  • Landing Gear
  • Hardware
  • Books and Videos
  • And Much More . .

Made in USA


One stop shop for all my needs

Patrick D
July 12, 2019

Bruce T
June 27, 2019

i love this book its laid out good kinda like a parts book u use to see on the parts houes

James C
June 3, 2019

My new Christmas catalog!

Jimmie T
May 30, 2019

Paper is still good. The search doesnât always work as well as you might think. It is a 2 year catalog. You might have one already. Beats hauling it back in a plane from OSH

James P
May 26, 2019

Man has this thing grown

Chip B
May 6, 2019

Lots of good info and products

April 18, 2019

Very thick book with about anything you can think of or need. Even if you are not in the aviation field. Im a diesel and ride tech. And found a lot of useful stuff in this catalog. Wasnt going to get it cause I thought probably nothing in their that I would ever need or use. But I was wrong. Would definitely recommend to anyone who has ever had a hard time trying to find that one little hard to find bolt or whatever it might be chances are its probably in this catalog.

Chad R
April 11, 2019

A great resource

Forrest A
April 11, 2019

Great catalogue by a great company. They have everything for aviation, well there probably is something they donât have, but they alway come through for my needs. Delivery is always quick and accurate.

Steven Y
April 7, 2019


Q: Is it possible to get a copy of the catalog on CD? The PDF is tad large to download.

Please use part number 01-00612. We have added it to this page in the "Accessories" tab.

Q: Is shipping to Canada subject to the $20 bulk mail charge when part of an order? Or is the $20 charge when the catalog is the only item ordered?

No, the $20 bulk mail charge for Canada and International shipments is when the catalog is the only item on the order. If we are adding a catalog to an order with other merchandise, additional freight is not billed.

Q: Is there a shipping charge for delivery to Ohio if I am only ordering a catalog? The web page says there is not but the ordering form keeps putting a $10.00 charge on. I am a member of AOPA if makes a difference!

No. There is no freight charge on catalog orders shipping within the USA. Make sure in the shopping cart that your country is set to USA and the freight charge will display FREE.

Q: When I follow the link to the download it opens on the webpage. How do I download the PDF of your catalog from that webpage while using my iPad? Or, can you email the .pdf to me for easy download?? You may want to consider that as a regular option... Thank You and Blue Skies, Ted

If you scroll down on the page for the download, there is a link to download the entire catalog as a PDF. You can also click here to start the download. It is 89mb. Once it is downloaded you can save it to your Books on the iPad.

Q: When will your 2019-20 catalogue be available?

Our new catalog is released at EAA Airventure Oshkosh each year. This year's event begins on July 22nd.

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