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The 2100 is a conventional, full-size spray gun which can be used to spray a wide range of materials. The 2100 spray gun is a durable, full-sized gun that is comfortable, well balanced, and easy to use. A specially designed grip measurably improves operator control, balance, and spray quality. Supported by the largest selection of air nozzles in the industry, the model 2100 will spray all conventional coatings, including those with high solids. The 2100 spray gun features a forged aluminum body that has been precision machined, and brass air nozzles and knobs that are nickel plated. These features ensure that the 2100 gun will withstand many years of use under the toughest working conditions.

Air Flow: 7.9 CFM at 30 PSI, 12.1 CFM at 50 PSI. Max Pattern @ 8": 10.5 Wt. 3.25 lbs.


  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel fluid passages designed for waterborne materials
  • Curved, ergonomic handle reduces fatigue
  • Integrated head has fewer parts for quick repair
  • Stainless steel threads won’t cross-thread, increasing life.
  • High trigger pivot point increases fluid flow capability
  • Large pattern sizes increase production rates
  • Cheater valve adjusts air at the gun, saving operator time
  • “Maximum Delivery” air nozzles have better atomization for greater product finish with less material



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Q: What size is the nozzle on this gun? I would like a 1.5-1.8.

This has a 1.8 nozzle.

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