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Note: Photo shows aerosol, pint, and quart sizes only. 2 Oz Kit, 1/2 Gallon, Gallon, 2 Gallon, and 5 Gallon not pictured.

Certification paperwork must be requested at time of order. If certs are required with purchase, please contact us by clicking here or calling sales.

The primers provided by Products Techniques, Inc. have been formulated specifically to inhibit corrosion, inhibit degradation, resist harmful chemicals and promote adhesion between the substrate and top coat. Primers can be applied to nearly any substrate used in the construction of aircraft.

Zinc Chromate, Zinc Oxide, and Zinc Phosphate primers are available in aerosols, quarts and gallons. The two component Epoxy primers are available in quart kits and gallon kits. In addition, PTI will provide an aerosol kit for two component Epoxy and Acid Etching primer. To order two component aerosols please fill out the custom request form and email it to We are not able to offer aerosol kits for the Sandable Epoxy and Water Reducible epoxy primers. PTI will also provide material in smaller or larger quantities than what is reflected on this page upon request.

The PTI Primers offered through Aircraft Spruce have been formulated to meet and exceed military, aviation and aerospace industry standards. Please refer to the Technical Data for each top coat to review product descriptions, mixing instructions, application instructions and to identify what coating will work best for your application. If you have any questions with regard to these products you can forward your questions directly to PTI using the button below.

Before ordering solvents, reducers or primers please refer to the:


  • 09-00895 MSDS
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Great product and service

Ct A
October 2, 2020

Received as ordered.

Sam K
August 21, 2020

Good for corrosion touch up repair on exterior paint

James J
July 17, 2020

Recommend PTI zinc chromate 16 oz can part number 09-00901 for small jobs. Dries quick - thin coats in about 15 minutes. Just sprayed a few parts. Had to wipe off Very tacky Tempo zinc phosphate with a modified epoxy base that was sprayed 18 hrs ago. My can has 6/3/14 production date and sprays like new. Almost out so had to leave this review while on THIS page to order another can.

June 21, 2020

Excellence in all products

Miguel A
May 17, 2020

This stuff works great for touching up areas that have had the original primer removed.

Lynn R
April 30, 2020

Good product.

Doc H
April 13, 2020

Thanks, Good Job

Adam G
January 20, 2020

Received product in a timely fashion. Thanks!

Dennis O
September 7, 2019

This review is for the yellow and green aerosol cans of zinc chromate. I first bought the green and, while adhesion on bare aluminum is great, Im finding that when touching up white paint, the green will cast a hue no matter how many coats of white are on top. This is, of course, considering a non-professional touch-up job. Yellow is untested, but I expect less of a problem. Also, from Googling around, it appears Zinc Chromate is normally yellow and the green is nothing more than dye. Perform your own research to verify. I have several areas on my plane that I touched up about 12 mos ago. All are holding up well with no deterioration or flaking that I can see.

May 6, 2019


Q: I am reconditioning the main rotor blade leading edges on and Enstrom. The manual calls for a Desoto product with mil-p-23377C spec. I am looking for an equivalent in a rattle can. Do any of the PTI Primers meet the spec?

Per PTI: Our epoxy primer meets that specification. If you need certifications, then you will need to request them when you purchase the product. Unfortunately we do not have this material in an aerosol can because to meet that specification the product has to be two component (paint and catalyst) and only has a 6 – 8 hour pot life. You can purchase the material in a quart kit and purchase an item called Preval Spray Can. I have provided links to the two said items below. Please review the materials and let me know if you have additional questions.

Q: What is the shelf life of PTI Zinc Chromate primer?

Per the supplier: Aerosol 6 months. Bulk 1 year and we will recertify the bulk product every 6 months after the first year up to 3 years from the date of manufacturing if the material has been stored properly and the container is not damaged.

Q: Can the PTI Water Reducible Epoxy Primer be shipped during the winter? Or will it freeze?

Per PTI: It should not freeze, we put additives in it to keep it from freezing. Although it is possible, it is highly unlikley. We have never heard of anything like that happening before.

Q: I'm removing wing struts off a Decathlon. Main strut is aluminum and the aft strut is steel. Can you recommend a PTI primer that would work for both strut materials? And if not a single primer, which would I use for each type metal? Any other considerations I should address regarding these two dissimilar metals?

The Epoxy primer will work for both substrates. We highly recommend, particularly with aluminum, that you use the acid etch primer prior to using the epoxy primer.

Q: Can I brush on zinc chromate onto aluminum? I own a Cessna 172M that did not have zinc chromate. I have some bare metal on the interior of the cabin I would like to clean up and then treat with zinc chromate. Using a brush would be a lot easier than masking off parts of the interior to paint a small section (like the interior skin of my baggage door).

Per PTI: yes, this can be brushed on because it is an etching primer, however it is mainly intended to be sprayed. We recommend to take a peak at the tech data sheet we have listed here under the tech data tab so that you can get a good idea of this products characteristics and uses.

Q: If I want to touch up some spots on new aluminum that I may have scuffed the alodine off of, what primer is better, zinc chromate, zinc oxide, or zinc phosphate?

They are all quality self-etching primers, so any one should work for this application. You may want a professional painter to evaluate the panel to insure you do not have to re-apply the alodine.

Q: When I order a gallon of this Acid Etching Primer and/or the Polyurethane top coats do I get a gallon of the paint and the catalyst for a total of 2 gallons?

The acid etch primer would come with a quart of catalyst as the mixing ratio for 1 gallon is 4:1. As for the polyurethane top coat, it does not come with the catalyst. Take a look at P/N# 09-01256 for the catalyst.

Q: I believe I made an error in applying your Zinc Chromate primer. I applied it directly to an Alcad Aluminum sheet. The adhesion doesn't seem very good. Do I need to Acid etch the sheet prior to applying the primer? My aircraft will be flown on and off the water. Can you give me some guidance on the best why to prime the metal?

If you are painting exterior surfaces and planning on applying a polyurethane for the topcoat then you would want to use our Epoxy Primer which contains chromates. For interior surfaces you would use the zinc chromate with an enamel topcoat. As for the preparation of the metal you would want to scuff or etch the metal. Also you do not need an incredibly thick primer coat. 0.6 mils to 1 mil is perfect. Please reference the PTI manual.

Q: I am attempting to re-finish magnesium control wheels that have been stripped bare. Can you recommend a product that will act as a converter to allow primer an polyurethane topcoat?

Please take a look at our Acid Etching Wash primer. The material is available in green or yellow. You will also need to purchase the PT-1045 Thinner for the primer. The primer is supposed to go on very lightly. Click on the Tech Data tab for more information about this product.

Q: Can you tell me which primer to use when painting the battery box?

This question with regard to the best primer to use for the battery box is dependent on how much use or impact the box will be exposed to. Commonly the battery box is used infrequently when the battery is being changed. Also, because the battery box will not be exposed to the elements you should be fine using a Zinc Chromate or Zinc Phosphate Primer. I suggest the Zinc Chromate for corrosion inhibiting properties. Both primers are easy to touch up and durable if they are allowed to fully dry and cure before you install the battery. Please see the technical data (Click Here). If you would like the box to be a certain color please use the PTI Enamel (Click Here). Technical data for the enamel can be found on the website as well.

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