ATS Pop Dimple Dies

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This product is a clever way to set dimple in sheet metal using a pop riveter. Just place both halves on the sheet metal insert in your riveter and squeeze to form a perfect dimple.
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Works Great at a reasonable cost.

David M Verified Purchase

DIMPLE & DIE SET # 5102D-1/8

January 15, 2023

Haven’t needed this yet

Tom Q Verified Purchase

DIMPLE & DIE SET # 5102D-1/8

March 1, 2022

This dimple set works great for the holes the squeezer can’t reach.

Aiton J
December 13, 2020

This product works as advertised but is not terribly durable. The dimple degrades over a short time. Additionally, the center shaft (nail) fails after a half dozen dimples. It’s good that a spare is provided. This will allow for maybe a dozen dimples. Then you must find a replacement “nail” to continue. For the price, though, it does work.

Robert T
January 5, 2021

Does it dimple? Yes. Picture is deceiving. The shaft that you pull with a squeezer is not anything special. It is simply a nail. Thats it. A hardware store nail you would drive into a piece of wood. Its also a little smaller than 1/8 which doesnt help the die center on the dimple. Also the nail heads arent straight so the die gets squeezed at an angle.

September 24, 2020


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