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AVERY POP RIVET DIMPLER 3/32" 12-00613 $23.50
AVERY POP RIVET DIMPLER 1/8" 12-00614 $24.50
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For dimpling in hard to reach places. Works with any hand pop rivet tool. Can be used over & over. Works for both 100 & 120 pop rivets. Extra nails included (Uses standard hardware store nails). 2 sizes available.
Note: The pop rivet dimplers show above are made with 100° angles, same as regular dimple dies. They will work with either solid flush rivets (AN-426 – 100°) or with pull type rivets such as a AVEX rivets (120°), etc. The dimple formed with these pop rivet dies will not be as ‘sharp’ as dimples formed with regular dimple dies. This is because you get more pressure with a squeezer or a hammer than with a pop rivet puller; however, the dimples formed with pop rivet dimplers are adequate for occasional use in tight or hard-to-use places.
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get both sizes, this is a required item for dimpling at the apex of any skin. Should really include more nails as they get chewed up by the riverter jaws and eventually break. Takes a bit of practice to use, but almost as crisp as my drdt2 when you really grip it good. One thing to note about nails are they are simply extruded metal with no consistent radius so some will fit through a #40 hole and some will not, its just a thing to keep in mind when you replace the included supply.

Josiah D
August 11, 2019

Works great for difficult to reach area where traditional dimpling means won’t work. Supplied nail shanks last 5-6 pulls each then fail sending the bottom simple die flying away to never be found again...

Adam C
March 16, 2019

Works as advertised. Good for hard to reach places. Not as crisp as a conventional dimpler but better than no dimple.

James W
December 6, 2018

Great tool to dimple in middle of sheet.

Gary K
August 10, 2017


Q: Whats the right nail size for part # 12-00613? Both nails that came with mine have broken, and now I need to get replacements.

The dimensions of this nail is 1.97" length and .091" OD.

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