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BURROUGHS CABLE GAUGE BT33-75D 12-19200 $189.00
BURROUGHS CABLE GAUGE 50-350LB 12-19210 $186.00
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Easy to use - just squeeze ball handle, put gauge on cable, release handle and read tension on rotation dial. No conversion charts necessary.
Tension range:
12-19200 - 1070lbs. for 1/16 cable, 15 - 70 lbs. for 3/32 & 1/8 cable.
12-19210 - 50-350 lbs. on 5/32 & 3/16 cable.
Only 3-1/4 wide. Fits through inspection hole.

Attention: Burrough gauge Products may not be cancelled or returned.

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May 27, 2019

I ordered both of these tensiionometers in two separate orders. The low tension one was at my house 2 days after I ordered it! I was so impressed with the speed of delivery and how well the tensionometer worked I ordered the high tension unit. Not so good....this one took 7 days to deliver, but it is still a good device.

Jack W
September 16, 2018

works very well

September 9, 2018

Item arrived in a timely manner and was ready for ise

August 27, 2018

Exactly as expected. Easy to use cable tensiometer. Order went smoothly. Quick delivery using USPS.

Jeffrey D
July 16, 2018


Q: Do the Burroughs cable gauges come with the certificate of calibration?

Yes, the certificate will be in the box.

Q: How long between calibrations should you go for these Burroughs cable gauges?

Supplier recommends roughly once a year.

Q: Dose Burroughs provide calibration services for there cable gauges?

No. Pinto would provide the calibration services for this product.

Q: What is the accuracy of this unit?

The accuracy of this unit would be + or - 5%.

Q: Does the rotor dail hold the reading so you may remove the gauge from the inspection opening and read it once removed?

After you measure your cable, when you let go of the handle it will spin back to its starting position. So it does not hold a reading after you measure.

Q: Does cable gauge 12-19210 measure the tension in the cable? We are pulling stuff with a cable and need to gauge the force.

Yes, you can read the tension on the rotation of the dial.

Q: How is it used? Do you just push the ball end all the way and then read the meter? Want to check 1/8 control cable on an experimental plane.

Yes, that is basically how it works.

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