Cherry G-28 Hand Riveter Gun

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Part# 12-03000
MFR Model# G28


The Cherry® G-28 is a lightweight (13 oz.) ruggedly compact hand tool designed to efficiently set a broad range of Cherry® commercial rivets. A unique torsion spring keeps the lever arm in place, ready to accept rivet after rivet. The G-28 comes with two popular size nosepieces, 728A9-4 (to set Cherry® N Rivets - 1/8" dia. & Cherry® Q Rivets - 1/8" dia.) and 728A9-6 (to set Cherry® N Rivets - 5/32" & 3/16" dia. & Cherry® Q Rivets - 5/32" & 3/16" dia.), one of which is stored securely out of the way in the riveter handle.
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Great riviters

David W Verified Purchase


August 15, 2022

Shiloh T Verified Purchase


April 26, 2022

Vans had indicated that you dont really need to buy the expensive Cherry rivet puller to set the CherryMax rivets on an RV-12 if you use good technique and a cheap riveter from the hardware store. Maybe, I did both and was VERY unhappy with the 4-8 rivets on the important center section in the fuselage. At $1 apiece, you dont want to mess up CherryMax rivets, especially if youre a perfectionist. Having done so, however, I caved and bought this tool. Every rivet was PERFECT. Not just good or within tolerances. PERFECT.

Bob C
December 9, 2017

Internal part of the head cracked in half after pulling about 4 cherry Max rivets. Ordered a second G28 hoping for better luck. Will try to return the broken one. Worked great for the first 3 rivets.

March 7, 2021

Way over priced for crappy tool. Harbor fright has better looking and feel to what they sell for fraction of cost

Full P Verified Purchase


October 19, 2021


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Q: Does this G-28 gun work with the CR3242-6-02 (cherry) rivets?

No, this G28 gun can not be used for inistalling Cherrymax rivets. You will need to get a hydraulic gun like p/n 12-03004 to install these 3/16" Cherrymax rivets, CR3242-6-02.

Q: Is it G-27 or G-28?

Our Part# 12-03000 is the G-28 model.

Q: What is maximum rivet - number this will pull in cherry max rivet?

This is for Cherry commercial rivets. The G27 puller will set 1/8 diameter Cherrymax rivets.

Q: Can this set off the shelf pop rivets from the hardware store or only Cherry brand? Not sure if cherry rivets work differently.

This will only pull commercial rivets. Normal "Pop" style and non structural Cherry brand. It will not pull CherryMax rivets.

Q: Which HAND RIVETER GUN g-27/g-28/g-29 do I need for CR3213-5?

None of these pullers will pull that rivet. You will need a G704B with a H701B-456.

Q: In the description of this product it is written that this tool allows you to install rivets such as Cherry® N Rivets - 1/8 dia. & Cherry® Q Rivets - 1/8 dia. . Before confirming my order I need to check this: What does the letter N and Q represent in the text of the description?

N rivets are break mandrel rivets and Q rivets are structural self plugging rivets.

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