Ideal Coax Stripper

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Part# 12-03716
MFR Model# G3127327


Coax Stripper/Adjustable coaxial wire stripper. For BNC and TNC connectors. Strips braid .240" and dielectric .240". Replacement kits available.

3-step coaxial stripper.
  • Adjustable coaxial wire stripper
  • For popular dual crimp BNC and TNC connectors
  • Strips braid 0.240 inch (6mm) and dielectric 0.240 inch (6mm)
  • Replacement cassettes available
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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The item arrive fast and high quality and adjustable.

Victor M Verified Purchase


June 14, 2024

First unit was replaced in no time.

Victor M Verified Purchase


June 4, 2024

I wanted a coax stripper that I can personally adjust for RG-400. This one does just the trick! It’s a great buy!

Zachary M Verified Purchase


January 18, 2023

Best coax stripper for rg58 or RG400. It’s the bees knees.

Voit A Verified Purchase


March 21, 2022

Ive spent a lot of cash trying to find a good RG-400 stripper that really works. This one does and will be a huge time saver. It must be adjusted to work properly on RG-400 but once set, it does a great job. I still have to strip a little more outer sheathing to expose a little more shielding, so not perfect.

Volo A
June 15, 2017

Good coaxial stripper with adjustable depth blades so it may adjust to different cable diameters.

Gary K
February 9, 2021

After trying several strippers to find one that works reasonably well on RG-400, this is probably as close as it will get. This one does the job pretty well and will be a big time saver. It takes several practice strips to get the blades set right for RG-400 but once set, it does a really good job. I still have to manually strip about another 1/4 of outer sheath to expose a more of the double shielding, so its not perfect. Thats why only 4 stars.

Danny M
February 7, 2019

This product broke the first time I used it. Made cheap

April 21, 2021

Cuts well but does not comply with Amphenol BNC cable strip dimensions for RG400 coax. Package label states RG-58, RG-59, RG-6, RG-6Q, RG-59 Plenum & RG-6 Plenum. Not RG-400. If I would have known I would not have bought it. Waste of $50 bucks.

Stuart P
April 20, 2022


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Q: Does this ideal coax stripper work on RG-400 cable?

This coax stripper will fit on RG-58, RG-59 and RG-6 cables. It can be manually adjusted to work with RG-400 or RG-142.

Q: Is the IDEAL COAX STRIPPER a 2-blade or 3-blade stripper?

It has 3 blades.

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