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Hobbyair I with (Half Mask) 110V
Hobbyair I with (Half Mask) 220V
Hobbyair I with (Full Mask) 110V
Hobbyair I with (Full Mask) 220V
Hobbyair II System Includes 2-40ft Hoses + Half Mask
Hobbyair Buddy System with (2 full facemasks) 110V
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The Hobbyair Pro 1 is a fresh air breathing system specifically designed for the amateur painter which allows only fresh air to reach the user's lungs. It features a comfortable, lightweight facemask with beltline hook, simple snap together fittings, and is very affordable. Includes the pump unit with two stage, single speed, air bypass type motor, mask, belt and 40 foot delivery hose, fittings, filter, cord and case. The Buddy System Hobbyair is designed for two people and includes two 40 ft. delivery hoses. 1 yr warranty. Excellent for use in homebuilt aircraft construction and painting.


  • Standard Output Blower Unit
  • 40’ of Hose
  • Half Facemask
  • Belt
  • Supplies 8 cfm of cool fresh air to your mask or hood.


This unit is the best tool I’ve bought. I use it for everything, painting with ISO’s or not, sandblasting, sanding body filler, etc. The money you save on charcoal filters and particlulate filters means it eventually pays for itself. Plus you can let friends borrow it in exchange for beer. These things are built to last.

Dan D
March 11, 2020

very portable,does the job needed,keeping me healthy

Robert B
November 2, 2017

Excellent product quiet running motor

Mark S
October 9, 2017

I just used this for the first time today. It is absolutely terrific! I was on the fence about spending the money. I had used the cartridge type respirators. They're fine for a two minute paint job or for dust but with the new paints and projects more than a few minutes, this can't be beat! Love, love it. Thanks!

John C
February 21, 2013


Q: What kind of filter system does your hobbyair have? Would it work in a welding shop to give me fresh air all day as I weld?

Per the supplier: The Hobbyair has a HEPA filter. The system is designed to deliver fresh / clean air from somewhere other than the area you are working in. This is why we make our systems with hose lengths from 40 to 160 feet long. If you locate the air pump in fresh air, then, yes, the system will deliver fresh air to your hood or mask all day. The HEPA filter will filter out dust etc. that are in the (fresh) air. I hope that helps.

Q: What is the wattage required to run the Hobbyair respiraton system, part # 12-15850? I would have to use a generator to run this as it will need to be at a remote location.

400 watts would be required to run the system.

Q: PART# 09-00633 HOBBYAIR II SYSTEM INCLUDES 2-40FT HOSES @ HALF MASK: Can this be used for two persons?

No, this is a one person unit with 2 hoses at 40', totalling 80'. The 2-person unit is the Buddy System like part number 12-15870.

Q: What is the difference between the Hobbyair 1 and 2??

Hobbyair 1 has 40' of hose, and the Hobbyair 2 has 80' of hose to the mask.

Q: Will this Hobbyair respirator also work when doing fiberglass work?

Yes, you could use it while working with fiberglass.

Q: What is difference between this air turbine and HVLP spray trubine?

Per Vendor: "The turbine we use for our respirators has an appropriate (much lower) volume for breathing. Trying to breathe through a sprayer turbine would be very hot and way too much air."

Q: Will the full mask work if the user has a goatee? If not, do you sell a full painters hood that would work with your system?

It should work with a goatee, but it would depend on if its extremely long, braided, etc etc. We do have a hood that works with this system, it is part number 12-03319.

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