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Made of top quality tool steel. 12 Point with 1/2" square drive, 13" long.

Part No.
Size Engine Application Price
12-11200 Set of 4 $68.50
Or order individual wrenches below
2882 9/16"
C-85, 0-200, 0-300, G0-300, E-185,
E-225, 0 & IO-470, IO-360, IO-520
2882-2 1/2"
A-65, C-85, 0-200, 0-300, G0-300, E-
185, E-225, IO-360
2882-3 5/8"
A-65, 0-470, IO-520 $18.95
2882-4 3/4"
No longer used on Continental. Used
on Lyc. 0-390D, D2 & all wide deck
Lycoming engines.
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So far very good

Robert A
August 26, 2019

Excellent product. I like the thicker walls because you can sand them down exactly the way you want. Its nice having a set of four ranches and my only critique would be that they could be 1 inch longer to accommodate the Ted Smith AEROSTAR. However these wrenches are more than adequate if you are on an engine stand and not trying to work around cowling.

Jason H
April 18, 2019

Used them for the first time to remove a cylinder from an O-360 Lycoming, they worked great, thought I may have to grind them down some for clearance, but actually they had enough bite that I didn’t have to grind them at all and they worked perfectly. It’s judt one cylinder so far but worked great.

Sherman C
December 15, 2018

Your basic wrench! Did the job just fine. Not a craftsman or snap-on but it works. May need to grind the side to thin the wall a little for some cylinders depending on the casting - but not in my case.

Bill C
July 15, 2018

The wrenches dont fit the cylinder base hold down nuts on small Continentals! I am going to have to grind them as other customers did. However, I was out in the field, no grinder nearby, they were worthless, plus, I hate grinding a brand new wrench!

Daniel O
June 28, 2018

Fit perfect on A65 and did what was needed

Andrew H
June 23, 2018

Worked well on an O-470-R but needed a little grinding to clear two of the cylinder base nuts near the engine mounts. Good value.

Matthew S
June 11, 2018

These wrenches are solid and work great, but only after you’ve ground down around the edge of where the nut sits. Most of the engine base nuts I remove with these are a closer fit than the wrenches allow. I’ve never came accros a base but wrench that works right out of the box, they’ve all needed to be ground down no matter the manufacture

Cordaro S
April 26, 2018

These are essential to have and a great product. Aircraft Spruce has been my go to for Aviation Supplies for over thirty years. Thanks for your continued improvement and dedication to customer service.

Vince H
April 20, 2018

Installed two cylinders on an O-200 yesterday. We had to grind the wrench down in a few places to get it to fit, but I dont know how I would have been able to torque the nuts down without these wrenches.

Todd D
February 28, 2018


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