Inductor Magneto Synchronizer - Single

Part# 12-16903
MFR Model# 22296


This INDUCTOR Magneto Timing Device is a new concept utilizing the latest digital integrated circuitry, thus eliminating the need for the battery draining mechanical buzzer found in most of the older magneto timing lights. The timing indicators are light emitting diodes (LEDs) rather than the commonly used incandescent bulbs, further extending battery life. Since the device measures change of inductance in the magneto coil, it will not give a false reading should the clip leads pop off or become shorted. The INDUCTOR can also be used as a relay coil tester to determine whether the coil is functioning.

One of the INDUCTORís most convenient features is its compact size. It measures .75 by 3 by 5 inches and is packaged in an anodized aluminum case that will neither melt nor break. It fits into the mechanicís tool box or shirt pocket and weighs only nine ounces.

The INDUCTOR is powered by 4 AA pen light batteries. With the inherent low power drain of the device and prudent use of the on-off switch, the batteries should function for as long as its shelf life. If the LEDs fail to toggle when the magneto points open or close, it is an indication that the batteries need changing.


  • Model: Single magneto timing light
  • For use on all breaker point type magnetos
  • 100% Solid State
  • Latest digital integrated circuitry
  • Bright L.E.D. read-out
  • Compact Size: .75 x 3 x 5 inches
  • Measures change on inductance
  • Not a simple continuity tester
  • Failsafe timing indication
  • Long battery life
  • Strong anodized aluminum case


I do not use this on an aircraft magneto, but rather for the magneto on my 1967 BMW R60/2 motorcycle. It worked perfectly for that.

Peter B Verified Purchase


April 1, 2022

Kevin G Verified Purchase


October 19, 2021

Works perfectly

June 30, 2020


Ivan A
June 13, 2020

Great for outboards too! I collect old OMC outboard motors which also use magnetos and this handy tool helps you set the points perfectly without having to disconnect the leads at the points.

Lew A
June 12, 2020

Brilliant. Finds the exact point that the points open and coil is available. By default tests the primary of the coil. I also used it to determine the timing belt position. It was off one tooth.

May 2, 2020


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