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Part# 12-04723
MFR Model# 23800


Washer Wrench Set. This is a (4) piece washer wrench set. It's used to hold AN/aircraft washers to reach into hard to reach areas.


Absolutely the tool we needed for our RV12 build.

Dave Y
April 10, 2021

Love this tool! Absolutely great for those hard to reach places.

Peter M
March 22, 2021

Absolutely a must have! I was using home-made tools to get the washers in place and I was pretty good at it but still, it was a pain. With these washer wrenches its just easy. I love this set and if I loose them, I will buy these again!

Benjamin K
March 9, 2021

I love this tool set. Useful even if washer doesnt fit tool exactly. Just wedge washer into the space and then use next larger tool to position the washer.

Gail P
April 13, 2020

An indispensable tool for getting washers on bolts in tight spaces without dropping them!

Jack C
June 5, 2017

look like they Should work. Havent found any to securely hold a given washer yet. They arent marked as for washer size and emplaced washers are NOT held securely. Mixed bag so far, but will keep trying

September 9, 2018


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Q: What are the diameters of the washers that they hold?

The washer wrench set has (4) wrench pieces that have different round cut-outs on each end of the (4) wrenches. The wrenches are made from .042 thick 301 stainless steel. The wrenches are laser cut to size. They cover 8 sizes of AN960 aircraft flat washers -- #4 / #6 / # 8 / #10 / 1/4" / 5/16 / 3/8 / 7/16 / & 1/2" for bolt and / or screw sizes.

Q: Are these made in the USA?

Yes, they are made in the USA.

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