Piper Gasket Viton Fuel Transmitter - MC462-021 PA28

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Part# 05-04872
MFR Model# MC462-021


Approved fuel-proof gaskets to replace the original cheapy cork gaskets. The gasket is used under the fuel quantity transmitter, generally with the rubber bladder type tanks. Made of Viton rubber for longer life.

See Application Chart to confirm eligibility.

Application Chart

Model Beginning S/N Ending S/N
PA-28-140 28-20551 28-26956
PA-28-140 28-7325001 28-7325684
PA-28-140 28-7525001 28-7525350
PA-28-140 28-7725001 28-7725290
PA-28-140 28-7225001 28-7225612
PA-28-140 28-7425001 28-7425454
PA-28-140 28-7625001 28-7625234
PA-28-150 28-1761 28-4377
PA-28-160 28-1761 28-4377
PA-28-180 28-7105001 28-7105244
PA-28-180 28-7305001 28-7305611
PA-28-180 28-7505001 28-7505261
PA-28-180 28-1761 28-5869
PA-28-180 28-7205001 28-7205328
PA-28-180 28-7405001 28-7405290
PA-28-235 28-7110001 28-7110042
PA-28-235 28-7310001 28-7310187
PA-28-235 28-7510001 28-7510145
PA-28-235 28-7710001 28-7710089
PA-28-235 28-10003 28-11393
PA-28-235 28-7210001 28-7210038
PA-28-235 28-7410001 28-7410120
PA-28-235 28-7610001 28-7610206
PA-28R-180 28R-30005 28R-30481
PA-28R-180 28R-7130001 28R-7130019
PA-28R-180 28R-30483 28R-31279
PA-28R-200 28R-30482 28R-30482
PA-28R-200 28R-7135001 28R-7135238
PA-28R-200 28R-7235001 28R-7235330
PA-28R-200 28R-35001 28R-35830
PA-28R-200 28R-7200055 28R-7200055
PA-28R-200 28R-7335001 28R-7335455
PA-28R-200 28R-7435001 28R-7435331
PA-28R-200 28R-7535001 28R-7535303
PA-28R-200 28R-7635001 28R-7635545
PA-32-260 32-1 32-1320
PA-32-260 32-7100001 32-7100038
PA-32-260 32-7200001 32-7299999
PA-32-260 32-7300001 32-7300076
PA-32-260 32-7400001 32-7400061
PA-32-260 32-7500001 32-7500053
PA-32-260 32-7600001 32-7600033
PA-32-260 32-7700001 32-7700023
PA-32-260 32-7800001 32-7800008
PA-32-300 32-40000 32-41018
PA-32-300 32-7140001 32-7140086
PA-32-300 32-7240001 32-7240147
PA-32-300 32-7340001 32-7340201
PA-32-300 32-7440001 32-7440182
PA-32-300 32-7540001 32-7540198
PA-32-300 32-7640001 32-7640142
PA-32-300 32-7740001 32-7740113
PA-32-300 32-7840001 32-7840222


Worked great.

Paul K Verified Purchase

GASKET MC462-021

May 24, 2022

Herbert C Verified Purchase

GASKET MC462-021

April 12, 2022

Looks like tough material. Great fit and no seeps.

Eric S Verified Purchase

GASKET MC462-021

February 19, 2022

Douglas E Verified Purchase

GASKET MC462-021

July 21, 2021

Right fit

Darrell B Verified Purchase

GASKET MC462-021

July 17, 2021

Very well done !!!!

Norman B
April 9, 2021

Perfect fit for my Bonanzas fuel level transmitters, if a little costly. But it is for a Bonanza, so go figure. I might add that the gentleman (employee) who assisted me with my order was just terrific in locating this product since we didnt have a part number and we had to locate the right gasket by measuring the transmitter.

Harris M
December 6, 2019

Worked as described, good material, Being rubber dont tighten too much or it will blow out the sides.

Bens M
May 30, 2020

Seems to be better than the original seals. We complimented the seals with McFarlane screws and leak checked. Had slight blue staining on a few screws but no obvious leaks.

January 24, 2019

PA28-140. Piper says gasket 462-021 has been superseded by 461-931. Within four months I had to replace 462-021 with 461-931. The new gasket is a thicker gasket and seals up around the screws better.

Cliff S
December 22, 2020


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Q: What is the inner and outer diameter of the Piper seal MC462-021?

The OD is approximately 2.66" and ID is approximately 1.59".

Q: Is this part interchangeable with 462 019 that is specified for my 1975 PA28-151?

Yes this is the replacement for 462-019.

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