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Part# 05-03633
MFR Model# 07-ADSCL


Due to normal wear and lack of lube, the door hinge clevis pins should be replaced from time to time to maintain the proper operation of the doors. The set includes 2 clevis pins, 2 thick washers, 2 thin washers, and 2 cotter keys. The hardware is FAA approved for Piper PA28, PA32, & PA34 aircraft.
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Piper door hinge Pin and washers straighten up that door swing for ya on the cheap. You love these and must buy two sets minimum. You buy, you pay, you love!

Smitock A
October 22, 2020

Good exact replacements with good instructions. Mine were very old and rusted. Replaces the eye bolts at the same time. Do your plane a favor and replace all 4 pieces.

Graham S
May 25, 2020

Very affordable as far as aircraft parts are concerned. We have replaced quite a few Piper door seals and always recommend replacement of the eyebolt and and clevis pin to take up any play in the door assy.

Westwood A
March 8, 2018


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Q: Regarding the Piper Door Hinge Clevis Pins: Are the clevis pins, washers, and cotter pins made from rust proof metal such as SS or aluminum?

Per the supplier: The hardware you referenced is manufactured to OEM (Piper's) requirement. They are made from steel with cadmium plating as a protective finish. They are not made from SS or aluminum (one is not allowed to use alternate materials unless approved by the OEM or other approval process).

Q: What is the proper Piper and AN part number respectively? I know for a fact Pipers IPCs typically provide both.

424-204 clevis pin | 690-613 washer | 424-051 cotter pin

Q: What are the dimensions of the clevis pin thickness, full length and length to hole?

.248 diameter, .745 overall length and .525 from under the head to the top of the hole.

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