Part# 05-01240
MFR Model# ADS-ETA500-1


Application Guide

This seal was developed from a special self sealing foam that meets Military Specifications and FAA requirements for aircraft seals. The self sealing foam developed for the seal has a memory, compresses, and conforms to the sealing surface providing a perfect seal. The seal comes with pressure sensitive adhesive that makes it easy to apply and bonds well with any metal surface painted or bare.

The seal does not install on the door(s), but instead installs in the channel on the fuselage opening(s) which allows for complete closing and sealing of the doors. This provides for an air and water tight seal. A seal kit was also designed for the baggage doors which have had a history of leaking water. FAA/PMA Approved.

Each seal kit contains detailed instructions, an engineering drawing for installation of the new seal, including instructions for adjustment of the door as well as removal of the old seal from the door(s). A tube of super glue is also provided to bond the cut ends. The door seals are for all Cessna single engine (except for the 177 Cardinal and the pressurized 210) including the 336 and 337 Twins.
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This baggage door seal was needed to replace the cracked and drafty original seal in my 1963 PA28-180. Getting the old seal off was a bit of a chore - I eventually used a razor blade to cut/shave off most of it followed by gel paint stripper to remove the adhesive. One other point is that this seal mounts to the fuselage, not the door. The attached 3M adhesive strip did an excellent job adhering to the fuselage I bought separate adhesive in case it didn't adhere well, but it wasn't needed. Once mounted and with the cut ends sealed though, this very pliable seal does an excellent job keeping out drafts and reducing ambient cockpit noise. CONCLUSION: This is definitely a worthwhile replacement door seal. Just take your time removing the old one and applying this one and you will be very happy with the results.

John G
July 3, 2014

Item arrived quickly, installed easily and appears to form a better seal than the one it replaced. High price was the only reason to give it less than five stars.

October 23, 2020

The rear baggage door seal was easy to install and seal well.

Christian P
November 26, 2017

This product can adhere to the surface well when done right, but over time the seal itself will tear apart. we ordered this part not realizing it was the same material as the last seal that got shredded in areas and have ordered P/N: 05-03628 Manufacturer P/N: ADS-P301-1 a Piper front door seal. price might not be ideal to most, but it is highly suggested.

Bravo F
March 4, 2024

I gave this seal 2 stars because it does stick. but was very disappointed when i received it. For the price its not worth it. i compared it to a door seal at Lowes made by 3m and there is no difference. someone went to great lengths to get a PMA on this piece of foam rubber so they could charge an outrageous price for it.

Jesse W
September 7, 2017

I am returning it. Foam door seal for the price that I paid, is not fair.

Antonio D Verified Purchase


November 6, 2022

Do not buy this product. It is simply overpriced foam insulation that you can buy from a hardware store. It doesnt even go on the door. It goes on the frame where it is subject to constant abuse.

Christopher F Verified Purchase


October 12, 2022

Product is not the correct seal for the Mooney m20c. It is applied to the frame instead of the door. It would be destroyed the first time someone got into the aircraft. It is a cheap piece of weatherstripping made for a screen door just like you can buy at home depot. It is not suitable for an aircraft at all. I returned it and found the correct seal.

Mark G
May 19, 2021

This product came apart in pieces. It started falling apart after 20 hours of flight time. Not worth the money for sure.

Thomas M
May 17, 2019


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Q: Do I have to remove my old seal?

Yes, you will have to remove your old seal to be able to install the new replacement seal on your aircraft.

Q: Is this self adhesive or does it come with the glue to apply it to the fuselage? Specifically for the PA-28-181 Front Entry Door

The sealing foam is self-adhesive, just peal and stick.

Q: For PA 28 baggage door, is this one continuous piece or four separate pieces?

It is one piece.

Q: Do these Piper seals come with a 8130 form?

No, these do not come with 8130 forms.

Q: Is the PA-28 kit installed on the fuselage or on the door itself?

This kit would install on the fuselage.

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