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Part# 09-24730
MFR Model# 07000-30


Koolmat Insulation is a .070 thick fiberglass textile cured to a 1/8" silicone substrate. The latter providing a good wear resistant surface. Used by NASCAR, Winston Cup race teams as a firewall/floor safety and comfort heat barrier for drivers and has applications in the home-built aircraft field. It can be used on steel, aluminum, fiberglass, wood and plastic surfaces.
    Wt: .72 lbs. per sq. ft. Sold in 30" width by the lineal ft.
    Can be used to insulate cowl and firewall forward area. (Not used on exhaust)
    Temperatures up to 1000 F and reduces cockpit heat up to 75%. Contains no asbestos
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Q: How is this Koolmat Insulation attached? Does it have an adhesive back or does it require some special glue?

This material is not adhesive backed. It does not have a special adhesive for attaching it but a common adhesive used is our part number 05-00949.

Q: What color is the front of the Koolmat Insulation Heat Barrier? Does it come in other colors?

The color in the front would be gray. This can be special ordered in beige but the minimum purchase qty would be 150ft.

Q: Assuming this Koolmat insulation material will not absorb oil (as in use in the bottom cowling), how will it fit curved surfaces-is it stretchable?

It will not stretch well around complex curves or shapes.

Q: Is this to be used in front of the firewall (between firewall and engine) or on the cabin side of the firewall?

Most customers use the Koolmat material on the firewall engine side with the gray side facing the engine because it won't absorb any liquids. It can be used on the inside to keep heat out of the cockpit area also.

Q: Is this Koolmat insulation FAA approved?

No, there is no FAA Approval tied to this product.

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