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Part# 11-04840
MFR Model# A1062


Universal foam replacement microphone screen
For use with Electret Microphones. Improves Communications also reduces wind and cockpit noise.


Fit perfectly on all 3 different headsets.

March 8, 2021

Just what I was looking for.

John J
July 2, 2020

Perfect fit for my old H10 David Clark. The O ring was not really a factor.

Jesus C
August 21, 2019

We like these as the do a great job and cost effective as sometimes you just occasionally lose one.

Cindy M
May 7, 2019

Very good, exactly as expected. I use a small zip tie to secure it to the mic.

Vx A
July 21, 2017

Good price. Well made.

John W
March 12, 2017

Fit nicely onto Bose microphone. Seems to work well.

Willam D
January 20, 2021

These windscreens work as expected, but it would be nice if they came with a retainer (the rubber band thingy).

July 25, 2019

A cheaper alternative to the Bose A20 windscreen, but a bit too large for the A20 mic. A small zip tie or narrow strip of velcro keeps it from falling off.

Dean H
July 17, 2019

Fits and does the job as advertised, cost compared to OEM is less than 1/3 cost. How costly would it have been though to have included a small zip tie to attach to boom mike?

September 23, 2018


Q: Will this fit the mics on Bose A20?

Yes, this will fit the Bose A20 mic.

Q: Will this fit a M-1/DC Dynamic Mic with a David Clark H10-30 Headset?

As the H10-30 is has a unique shape and size for the microphone, this would not be a suitable windscreen.

Q: Will this work with a Faro G2 PNR set?

Yes, this universal mic screen should work just fine with the Faro G2 headset.

Q: Will this fit Sigtronics S-58 headset with an electret microphone?

It will fit over the mic on a Sigtronics S58, but it is not a direct replacement of the original mic muff.

Q: Will this fit a David Clark H10-13S Headset and FLIGHTCOM 4DLX CLASSIC HEADSET?

Yes, this mic muff will fit both headsets.

Q: Could you please give me the dimensions of this? Length and circumference. I need it for a headset for instructing fitness classes. Thx.

Length is 2 inches, circumference is approx 7/16 inch.

Q: How does this compare in size to 11-09201?

Part # 11-09201 is manufactured and produced by David Clark. The part # 11-04840 is a generic version. They both fit the same headset mic size.

Q: Will this fit a lynx micro headset?

Yes. This should fit the Lynx micro headset microphone.

Q: What is the inner dimension?

0.65". It should fit most general aviation headset mics.

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