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Airgizmos AV8OR Ace Mount

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Part# 11-08589
MFR Model# PD17


The big display on this GPS is truly amazing, but to take advantage of all the features of the new AV8OR ACE, it needs a secure place in the cockpit. Designed to securely mount your AV8OR ACE in the panel, our new AV8OR ACE Panel Dock is the perfect companion to this new GPS from Bendix/King.

Their AV8OR ACE Panel Dock is designed to match the styling of the rest of the avionics in your panel. It fits a standard 6.25" radio stack.

The AV8OR ACE can be snapped into the Panel Dock with either the standard battery or the extended battery attached to the GPS.

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -



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Q: How do you turn it on and off without removing the unit?

As the unit clips in and out quickly there is no way unless you hardwired the unit to the avionics bus.

Q: Can we utilize the panel mount and hard wire for the AV8OR using the Airgizmos AV8OR Ace Mount?

Per Airgizmos you can.

Q: RE: Airgizmos AV8OR ACE mount. What is the height dimension of this mount? Also, could I mount an AV8OR ACE on |its side by using the Airgizmos AV8OR panel dock ? Thanks

Per the spec sheet, width: 6.25 X height: 8.00 X depth: 1.67. Also, will work with horinzontal angle adapters.

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