Airgizmos Panel Dock Angle Adapter

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Part# 11-07310
MFR Model# PD14


Many pilots will need to install their GPS on the passenger side of the panel. To make the GPS more readable we offer the Angle Adapter. It works in conjunction with the Panel Dockô and provides an additional 15 degrees of angle to the GPS, making it much easier to see and use.

The Angle Adapter fits in the same physical opening as the Panel Dock. The Panel Dock then slides into the Angle Adapter to complete the installation.

Works with panel docks for 695/696/796, AV8OR Ace, iFly 700, iPad Mini
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Sam N Verified Purchase


January 20, 2022

I have had several of these. Have had to modify areas to fit for left side of panel - needs to be rotated 180 deg for this. They are very well made with high quality, high strength plastic but I have had 2 with an overall twist of about 10 mm

David L Verified Purchase


June 3, 2021

fast service, friendly staff

John W
October 31, 2019

Installed on the co-pilot side instrument panel on a Piper Archer so that it was tilted to the pilot. He was happy with the installation & 796 in view.

Sunset E
August 12, 2019

The product is good but be prepared to spend some time installing. If you mount the angle bracket first you can access the screw heads to attach to the Avionic tray rails but then you can’t access the side of the angle bracket to attach the GPS/iPad bracket that your unit attaches to. It has to be screwed from the outside and there is no room. If you attach it to the angle bracket first which makes sense then you can’t access the screws to attach it to the Avionis tray rails in the panel. Instructions are vague,.

Ray L Verified Purchase


June 9, 2022


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Q: Will your part number (Airgizmos Garmin angle adapter) 11-07310 fit the IFly 720?

No, part number 11-07310 is for a Garmin dock and will not fit the iFly 720. At this time Airgizmos does not carry an angle adapter for this.

Q: will Airgizmos Garmin GPSMAP Angle Adapter fit an IPad Mini?

The Airgizmos Garmin GPSMAP Angle Adapter was designed for Garmin GPSMAP GPS's and will not work with an Ipad mini.

Q: Does the Aigizmos Garmin Angle Adapter 11-07310 dock work with iPad Mini panel dock?

Yes, this angle adapter will work perfectly with the iPad Mini panel dock.

Q: Regarding the AirGizmos Panel Dock Angle Adapter: My plane requires right seat operation. Does the angle adapter flip upside down to angle to the right instead of the left?

Yes, the Airgizmos angle adapter can be installed on either side of the panel.

Q: Is there an angle adapter for mounting the 795 in the horizontal position?

Per Air Gizmos, this angle adapter, part # 11-07310, will also work for the 795.

Q: It looks to me that the angle adaptor will only work with Garmin 795 panel dock mounted in the vertical position. I want to mount it on the pax side in the horizontal position and angled towards the pilot. Can you confirm this adaptor will do that. Thanks.

Per Air Gizmos this angle adapter will work for the 795 and can be installed on either side of the panel. However, you are correct in that the angle will be up or down if it is mounted in the horizontal orientation.

Q: What are the dimensions of the Airgizmos angle panel dock adapter?

Panel Dock Dimensions - Width: 6.45, Height: 8.11 and Depth: 2.27

Q: Is there a angle adapter to mount the ipad mini horizontally?

Yes, you can mount this in either portrait or landscape mode. With the iPad Mini you would need to order both part # 11-11460 and part # 11-07310.

Q: Will this AIRGIZMOS PANEL DOCK ANGLE ADAPTER work with the 760 panel mount?

Yes. The angle adapter will work with the 760 Airgizmo.

Q: Is there an Airgizmo angle adapter for a Garmin 495?

Yes, you would order Part# 11-03509 and Part# 11-07310 for the angled dock for 495.

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