Avery EFIS System Plumbing Kit

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Part# 12-03284
MFR Model# SA-A2


The fittings capture the tubing with stainless steel retainers. By suppressing the release ring (around the tubing entry port on the fitting), the tubing is easily removed. Within just a few minutes, you'll be able to disconnect and reconnect tubing. O-ring seals, and maintaining precise tubing diameter during the manufacturing process, ensures a reliable seal.

For Experimental Aircraft ONLY. Applicability and suitability of this kit is the responsibility of the builder.

Kit Includes:
    7 - 90 Male Elbow
    4 - Male Branch Tee
    1 - Union Tee
    2 - Union 90
    2 - Synthetic Rubber Grommet
    30 - Snap Bushing
    2 - Female Connector
    2 - Static Port
    2 - AN Hardware Assembly
    1 - 25' 1/4" Green Tubing (Pitot)
    1 - 32' 1/4" White Tubing (Static)
    1 - 23' 1/4" Blue Tubing (AOA)

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This item does come with the hardware to connect directly to the pitot tubes. You do not need any adapters. Customer service was not able to provide a good answer to this.

Eric C Verified Purchase


October 21, 2022

Have not installed this yet but when it came I am glad I laid out the instructions and inventoried it. I was missing a 90* fitting. Very easy to address this with Spruce right after receiving it, the replacement came super fast and I am no where near needing it (still prepping ribs). Might not have been the case if two years from now I noticed I was one short so make sure you inventory this when you receive it. Top quality parts and excellent service on the missing part issue.

July 10, 2022

You cannot purchase additional push on knees or T fittings without purchasing the whole kit. I bought two kits just to get the required components.

John K Verified Purchase


November 20, 2021

The parts are all you would need for a homebuilt. Easy to install fittings tubing. Theinstruction are good but the pictures are not all clear, some are so dark you cannot read them. Overall a good investment.

Nick A
March 26, 2017


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Q: Can this tool kit be used with the Garmin pitot/AOA? Or does it work with only Dynon?

Yes, this tool kit can be used with a Garmin Pitot / AOA system.

Q: Three 1/8-27 ANPT male thread fittings are included to connect the Garmin GSU 25?

Yes. This connects to GSU 25 AOA systems.

Q: Will this connect directly to the metal tube of the pitot probe or do I need an adapter?

Yes, this will fit on the pitot as long as there 1/8 NPT

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