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AvMap EKP V GPS - Cockpit Docking Station

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Part# 11-11132
MFR Model# UX0DS100AM


The Hub of your integrated avionic system:
The EKP V Cockpit Docking Station allows the installation of AvMap EKP V Aeronautical Navigator into the cockpit, and enables the unit to interface to multiple external devices at the same time.
The Cockpit Docking Station is conceived to host the EKP V when used as part of the basic on board instrumentation, becoming the hub of your integrated avionic system.

Multiple connections:
The Docking Station transforms the EKP V large 7” LCD into a true multifunctional display and fight information system.
When docked the EKP V is powered by the aircraft electrical system and it can connect to several on-board devices at the same time such as: AvMap’s IMU, third-party autopilots, XM WX, Zaon XRX.
The CDS includes 4 USB ports, 2 serial ports, Audio video input (NTSC and PAL) , Audio output. The external GPS antenna is included in the box.

Video on your EKP V:
The Cockpit Docking Station includes a Audio video input (NTSC and PAL) that allows connecting the EKP V to video cameras with very useful applications for tail-draggers, or monitoring flights

Safe connections:
When docked, the EKP V is powered/charged by the aircraft electrical system (through a socket vibration proof for power supply AVG 16). One of the USB ports is powered by the EKP V internal battery to ensure functionality even in case of aircraft electrical power failure.

DB 15 Connections:
4 x USB 2.0 ports (1 x battery powered by EKP V internal)
2x Serials ports (1 x RS-232, 1 x TTL levels)
Audio IN
Audio OUT
Video IN (video composite signal PAL or NTSC)


In The Box

  • The Docking Station package contains:
  • EKP V Docking Station
  • USB GPS antenna
  • Flush Mount Kit
  • Plastic Protective Cover
  • Manual, screws and cutting template



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Q: Is the wiring for panel power connection and auto pilot connection supplied with the AvMap EKP V docking station?

This does not include wiring. The AvMap EKP V GPS-Cockpit Docking Station includes: EKP V Docking Station, USB GPS Antenna, Flush Mount Kit, Plastic Protective Cover, Manual, Screws and Cutting Template.

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