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Headsets Inc - 6001 ANR Headset - Dual GA Plugs - Black

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Part# 11-08094
MFR Model# DRE-6001B


The most powerful ANR (active noise reduction) aviation headset available! Not just an add-on kit, but also a headset designed for true ANR performance.

The Headsets Inc. 6001 has ear cups with internal baffle-plate providing the strongest ANR in the industry. With 18-20dB of noise reduction @ 200Hz with an effective range from 20 to 600Hz, the Headsets Inc. 6001 ANR is guaranteed to exceed the performance of any production ANR headset. When the noise is just too much, simply flip the switch and enjoy the flight.

Additional features include extraordinary audio fidelity, battery life LED indicator, chrome-plated plugs, ABS ear cups and chrome stainless steel headband combined with the best audio components makes the stereo Headsets Inc. 6001 the affordable ANR headset aviation industry leader.


  • Powerful ANR Performance
  • Noise Canceling M65 electret microphone
  • U.S. made Mil-spec quality cabling
  • Dual volume control stereo
  • Comfort top head pad (100% New Zealand Fleece)
  • Full flex boom design
  • Silicone gel ear seals
  • Stereo/Mono Operation
  • Wind block microphone muff
  • 9 volt battery box
  • 3 year limited warranty
  • Padded headset bag (silver rip-stop nylon)
  • Music Interface w/ 3 ft. 3.5mm patch cable
  • Chrome headband
  • 4 speaker audio provides exceptional speech intelligibility/music fidelity


  • Weight: 2.5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 12 9 7 in
  • Color: Black
  • Cables : 2-Plug (GA Type) Straight Cable
  • Battery Option: Standard 9v Alkaline battery case
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Great first ANR headset. I was going to install the companys ANR kit into a pair of David Clarks when I saw their own ANR head set for sale. The headset comes with carrying case and the 9v battery holder. The headset is very comfortable to wear thanks to the lambs wool pad. I took my maiden flight with these on a 3 hour cross country, they were comfortable and quiet. As mentioned in another review they block about 95% of the cabin noise. They are truly amazing. Radio and intercom voices are clear. I liked these so much, I have already purchased another pair. Long term plans would be to install a dash mount adapter to eliminate the battery box. I would recommend these to anyone looking for their first pair of ANR or someone on a budget looking for the best value.

Anthony F Verified Purchase


January 18, 2022

Bought two of these recently to use in a 1964 Cessna 182 - not too noisy but still an older plane. Without ANR on the acoustic noise suppression is better than any of my vintage headsets. With ANR on the aircraft almost sounds like the engine has stopped. In fact, it is so eerily quiet that all of the sounds that used to reassure me of the planes performance are gone. For that reason, I have taken to turning off ANR close in to our hazardous airstrip. In cruise where I spend most of my time flying, ANR really cuts the fatigue. Claimed as a unique feature of the 6001 is a boost in the upper voice spectrum that substantially increases voice intelligibility. It only works with ANR on but it really helps to understand other aircraft that frequently have a muddy sounding microphone or excessive cockpit noise. A note of caution: I dont know what that audio clarifier would do to entertainment music coming from an audio panel. Entertainment audio can, however, be plugged directly into the earpiece (I havent tried that, but if I do, Ill augment this report). A great value, I just hope they hold up so I can enjoy them for a long time. The build looks very sturdy so they probably will.

Bruce P
January 1, 2020

Really great ANR headsets. Best price Ive seen.

Bruce H
November 8, 2019

I love these. Bought my first one around 2003 for use in my Jabiru 3300 powered Sonex. It cut out the roar of those 6 cylinders without mufflers at 120hp! Sold the Sonex in 2010 with the DRE 6000 on board. But needed another set for use in my buddies Vans RV-6 with 150-160 hp. Back then, I think I paid $299. Great for lots less money than others.

Bruce H
November 8, 2019

Excellent! Very happy with the quality and performance. I am buying a second set.

Rob L
August 18, 2018

I have been using these headsets for almost seven years now. I own a flight school in Amarillo, TX and suggest to all of my customers that they purchase these over any others. The audio quality is excellent, though as with any headset quality is also dependent on the audio panel. The reliability and ruggedness is incredible. We keep a pair of these as loaners, and they just keep going and going even with students tearing them up. The ANR works wonderfully, and in my opinion is better than many of the more expensive headsets on the market. I personally use a DRE 6001 when I teach, and a DRE 8001 which has blue tooth.

Joshua C
April 4, 2018

I purchased a DRE 6001 years ago at Sun-n-Fun. ANR performance very close to the Bose headsets I became accustomed to in flight school. 95% of the performance at 1/3rd the price. They have worked perfectly and continue to do so. Another review mentioned that the mic didnt work in noisy AC. I cant speak to that, but I can tell you they work just fine in the run of the mill Cessnas, Pipers, etc.

Robert T
December 30, 2016

Headset works well, but a air leak around the ear cups sometimes causes a loud squealing noise which stops by readjusting the cup. The gell filled ear cushions are okay but think the soft cushions on the higher-priced headsets work better. Mike seems to work ok. Have not had them long enough to evaluate wear and tear in our training environment. Personal preference would prefer AA batteries instead of 9volt, and longer battery life. Think they are ok for the price for average pleasure flying. My suggestion is that you pay for quality depending on what you can justify spending.

Steve W
December 29, 2018

Would have given 5 stars as this is the best value for money ARN headset on the market. The noise reduction is excellent and on par with headsets costing double. The one issue with this headset is the noise rejection of their M68 mic. In a noisy cockpit the mic is useless. I am unable to use it in my Extra 300. However, if you change out the mic for a Dace Clark M7 (the pins are compatible) the ANR performance is as good as any ARN set on the market at any price.

Colin A
January 12, 2016

The headset has good ANR and good ATC sound quality, also good PNR. Unfortunately after 15 to 20 minutes, the right earpiece started to crackle randomly, one to several tines per minute. This was painfully loud and I had to turn volume completely off on the right. This occurred in 3 flights with 2 different aircraft. The CFI did not hear any crackling, so I am sure it was the Headsets Inc set. Unfortunate, but I shall be returning it once AS get back to me on how to do so, whuch they have not done yet.

Dr R Verified Purchase


February 17, 2022


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Q: What is the difference between the Headsets Inc - 6001 ANR headset and the 6001T ANR Headset?

The Headsets INC - 6001 ANR headset is black and the 6001T ANR headset is a Tan colored headset.

Q: Does this have a plug for helicopters?

No, this is outfitted with dual GA plugs. To use it in a helicopter environment, you would need adapter Part# 11-14138.

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