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Garmin Carlisle Can24Tst120 - Can Bus Cable

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Part# 11-17264
MFR Model# CAN24TST120


GARMIN recommends the use of P/N CAN24TST120(CIT) cable to interface the CAN Bus on G3X, G5, GMU11, GAD29B, GFC500, GMC507, GSA28, etc.

Note: Please refer to GARMINís STC Installation Manual for specific details.


  • Details: Carlisle CAN24TST120
  • AWG: 24
  • Impedance: 120 (Ohms)
  • Velocity of Propagation: 79%
  • Cable Diameter (in): 0.142
  • Cable Weight (lbs): 14
  • Min. Bend Radius (in): 1.42
  • Operating Temperature: -55 to 150įC
  • Type: Maxflite - CAN Bus
  • Meets FAR 25.853 and Boeing/Airbus Smoke and Toxicity
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Expensive as all get-out, and while the install manual for Garmins G5 gives you the option of using this wire or Mil-Spec 27500 wire for the CAN Bus, they strongly recommend using the CAN Bus wire if you plan to install their GFC 500 Auto Pilot. This might be in our future, and the GFC 500 is a dealer-only install, so .. we figured we could either pony up now or pony up later. We self-installed our G5 HSI / GMU 11 / GTP 59 / GAD 29B / GAD 13 under our IAs supervision. Fishing this wire through to the wing tip for the GMU 11 was half a days work and Im glad we sprung for the recommended CAN Bus wire.

Nathan M
April 13, 2020


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Q: Is this a composite cable with a twisted-shielded pair (Can Bus) plus 2x single conductors (power)?

This is similar to two conductor milspec wire. It is shielded and only has two conductors twisted wire.

Q: Is this CAN24TST120(CIT)? I see the PN is slightly different but the description makes me think it is?

Yes, it is the same.

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