Micro Air T2000 Transponder

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Part# 11-00990
MFR Model# 827TRD1006-08


The Microair Avionics T2000SFL Transponder is a mode 3A/C aircraft transponder designed to operate in an ATCRBS environment.

The T2000SFL has been designed to meet RTCA/DO-144 requirements, and has been tested to DO-160D for environmental and EMC requirements.

The T2000SFL software has been developed and approved under RTCA/DO 178B requirements.

The T2000SFL is a small lightweight transponder with low power requirements. The T2000SFL is compatible with any C88a compliant altitude encoder, and offers the following features:

  • Mode 3 A response (4096 codes)
  • Mode C altitude response
  • SPI indent response
  • Encoder Altitude displayed
  • Altitude Alert (HI / LO)
  • Voltage alter (OV / UV)
  • Security coding of serial number
  • Option to power encoder only in mode C operation.

Download Installation Manual Here:
T2000 Installation Manual

California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


I just bought my plane and brought it home from Dallas last week. It has a T2000 SFL. I flew through the DFW Bravo then had flight following for the next two hours. About 45 minutes into the flight, ATC asked me why I was transmitting 1200. I thought I must have bumped the toggle so I switched back to assigned squawk code. Several minutes later it had switched back to 1200 on its own. Then I could see it rapidly fluttering between the two codes until it stuck on 1200 and I could not toggle back to 7404. ATC asked me to IDENT and that would not work, either. Later, on its own, it switched back to 7404. When I terminated radar services I could not toggle it back to 1200. Once on the ground, I recycled the T2000SFL to no avail. No functions would work. The V button, the Mode button, nor the toggle would work. I could change the standby code but could not change it to active. Very frustrating. I wrote in to Micro Air support immediately but am still waiting on a reply from a Tech. So far, Im not impressed. But Im willing to work with Tech Suoport if they will take the time to help me with this.

Ken T
June 26, 2017


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Q: What are the dimensions, weight and power input for the Microair T2000 transponder?

This is a 2.25 inch radio, the length is 169mm (6.65) x width 61mm (2.40) x height 61mm (2.40). Weight is 600g (21 oz) and recommends a circuit breaker with a maximum 5 amp rating (3 amp minimum). Power input is 10-33VDC.

Q: Does the Micro transponder come with a built in Encoder??

The Encoder is not built into the Micro Air T2000.

Q: Is the Microair T2000 transponder self contained?

Yes, as a transponder. However, it still requires a blind altitude encoder connected to it.

Q: Does the Micro Air T2000 unit come with complete installation kit and antenna?

No antenna comes with the unit. The install item that comes with the transponder is a solder type d-sub connector.

Q: What encoder would I need with this Microair T2000 transponder unit?

We would recommend the ACK A30.5 - part number 11-01561 - for use with the Microair transponder.

Q: Does the connector on the back of the unit use pins or sockets?

The D Sub on the back of the connector uses pins.

Q: Which antenna does it require or is most suitable.?

The T2000SFL requires an antenna tuned to 1090MHz. Microair recommends the use of a TSOd antenna for transponder purpose.

Q: Is this Micro Air T2000 Transponder TSOd?

Yes, this is TSO approved.

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