Pilot USA PA-1181T Passive Headset - Pink

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Part# 11-07326
MFR Model# PA-1181TP


To make this headset stand out from the others, black chrome hardware has been used to go along with the textured black ear cups to create a very sophisticated look in the cockpit. A full flex microphone boom allows the user to position the noise cancelling electret microphone in the precise place they want it. A washable pillow top head pad along with silicone gel ear seals, gives you the comfort you’ve been looking for. This headset comes with a soft padded headset case.

A built-in PTT button is installed on the right ear cup in case your portable PTT fails or the yoke mounted PTT is inoperative. This feature is also great for flight instructors.

The headset is cell/satellite phone capable, and has a “true stereo” input jack so that the user can listen to music from a CD player, IPOD®, MP3® or external radio. The cell phone system is designed to work with either newer “Smartphones” that use a 3.5mm (4 conductor) input or older phone that use a 2.5mm input.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Passive: (NRR) 24dB
  • Cell/Satellite phone interface
  • Auxiliary audio inter-face for music or audible checklist/warnings
  • Mono/Stereo capability
  • Dual volume control
  • Push-to-Talk switch (PTT) on ear cup
  • Pillow-top headpad
  • Gel ear seals
  • Noise cancelling electret microphone
  • All flexible microphone boom
  • Cloth ear seal covers
  • Soft padded headset case


  • Weight: 15.9 ounces (389 grams)
  • Three year warranty



Larry S Verified Purchase


December 31, 2022

Larry S Verified Purchase


December 31, 2022

They work great! I go flying with my boyfriend and I can hear him and he can hear me! The headset allows you to play music through an aux and the music is kind of quiet even when my volume is turned up all the way. But I have only used them once so maybe Im doing something wrong! But the music is still great just to hear something in the background! I would totally recommend these! :)

March 9, 2017

overall I like the headset - the picture shows that it looks like it might be metal - it is plastic. the sound quality is good, but I can hear myself breaking up as I speak - and sometimes there seems to be a delay when speaking. i havent used the other features yet.

November 8, 2018

Dont buy it

Larry S
December 31, 2022

My wife used her “pink” ones for the first time 8/2/20, (1.2 hr fly) with no problems. On our next flight (8/4/20) starting on the ground at Prescott, ATC advised my radio was weak and scratchy. We checked our plugs and departed. When I switched to approach I hear dead air and some static, after I attempted contact. I had my wife unplug her “pink” headset and the radio came to life. We switched Her headset With my old ones and we made it back safe to LA.

Timothy B
August 6, 2020


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