Sandia Stx 165 Panel Mount Transponder For Experimental Aircraft

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The STX 165 Sports a professional 1/2 3ATI Bezel that compliments any aircraft panel. Its bright OLED display is readable in virtually all lighting conditions and automatically dims for night time operations. Check out just a few of the STX 165 features.
  • Built-in Encoder
    Simplifies installations and lowers cost.
  • Three Timer Functions
    Elapsed Flight Time, Up Timer, Down Timer
  • Pressure Altitude Display
    See what altitude your transponder is reporting to Center
  • Optional OAT Probe Input
    Displays Outside Air Temp.,Density Altitude, Icing Alert
  • Small and Light Weight
    7.4" behind the panel depth, 1.3 lbs.


  • Electrical Input Voltage: 11-33 Vdc
  • Current Requirements: 500mA@28Vdc
  • Power Output: 200 Watts Nominal
  • Transmitter Freq: 1090 MHz
  • Receiver Freq: 1030 MHz
  • Receiver Sensitivity: -74dBm Nominal at 90% reply rate
  • Dimensions: 1.78"H x 3.5"W x 7.34"L
  • Weight: 1.30Lbs
  • Alt. Encoder: Built-in 35K' Encoder; External RS-232
  • OAT Probe: Sandia STP 78 (Optional)
  • Temperature: -20 degrees to +55 degrees C
  • Altitude: -1000 to 35,000 Ft.
  • Certification: DO160F; DO178B Level C; TSO C74d; TSO C88a


  • Part No. 11-11962 (SANDIA STX 165 PANEL MOUNT XPDR W/ HARNESS): Comes with 5 foot leads for power and ground. Also comes with SMA connector for antenna out of the STX 165.
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I have now used the Sandia STX165 transponder in a couple of aircraft installations where space was a premium. The size and integrated altitude encoder simplify installation and reduce installation time and cost. The transponder can also output control, squawk, and baro altitude data to a UAT to produce a relatively inexpensive ADS-B out/in solution.

Lloyd A
December 30, 2020


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