Sigtronics Headset Tester HT-1

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Part# 11-17126
MFR Model# HT-1


Sigtronics Headset Tester will accommodate two headsets and include a built-in Push-To-Test switch.

With this unit you may test one headset alone or two headsets together. Simply plug one or two headsets into the tester. Then place the headset one your head and press the Push-To Test switch.

This will power the headphone and microphone circuits. If a complete path of electric current exists, you will hear your voice in the headphone when you speak into the microphone.

If testing two headsets, you and the person wearing the other headset will be able to hear each other.

This self- contained unit comes complete with one 9-volt battery, all in a strong, lightweight case.

To test Helicopter headsets, use the HT1 with the Adapter Cable (P/N: 900051), (sold separately) to convert the U-174/U or U-93A/U plug to general aviation headphone and microphone plugs.
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WARNING: The product may contain and/or expose you to a chemical(s) or substance(s) which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Shipped fast and product works great! Easy way to check your headset.

Matthew C Verified Purchase


December 2, 2022

Works fine to test headsets comes with battery and is ready to use.

Ivan S Verified Purchase


December 25, 2021

I had no problems with it. It functioned as expected and even came with battery.

Matthew F Verified Purchase


August 4, 2021

So far it’s been a great tool for me. I’ve been able to test and diagnose more than 12 headsets in the last week. Great little product with a nice build quality. Might add a latching switch to it so I don’t always have to hold the button, but that’s not always necessary.

Jacob O
July 30, 2020

it work as intended out of the box good deal

Aalain R
October 11, 2019


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Q: Will this tester work with military (low impedance) headsets, or only general aviation (high impedance) systems? Thank you!

No. This will only work with the correct adapter. The manufacturer created a military low impedance to high impedance adapter which we carry under part # 11-18692.

Q: What size of jacks fits the tester HT-1?

THis tester is for DUAL GA headsets. 0.25 inch for the headphone and 0.206 inch for the mic.

Q: Will this Sigtronics Headset Tester HT-1 work for david clark ground support headsets?

Yes, as long as you have a GA style dual plugs

Q: Is this mono or stereo headphone jacks?

The Headset Tester (HT-1) works with monaural headsets.

Q: I need to test David Clark headsets used on the 737 commercial jet. Single 1/4 male jack. Will this work ?

This headset tester is for dual GA headsets with two male jacks, one for microphone and the other for headphone.

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