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The echoUAT is a Class B1S ADS-B UAT transmitter coupled with a dual-link 1090MHZ / UAT receiver. An integrated Wi-Fi system transmits traffic and weather to popular Electronic Flight-Bag (EFB) applications on iOS and Android, including ForeFlight Mobile. Direct interface support for common EFIS systems such as Dynon SkyView, GRT and MGL. A zero-install, internal wireless monitor decodes replies from legacy Mode C transponders for maximum retro-fit capability. Extensive position source compatibility, including the uAvionix SKYFYX GPS.

The echoUAT meets the performance requirements of 14 CFR 91.227.

SkyFYX combines a high precision WAAS GNSS sensor with an integrated RAIM processor. Resilient against jamming, spoofing and GPS range errors—SkyFYX provides reliable navigation in challenging environments. SkyFYX is the most affordable ADS-B rule-compliant position source companion for the echoUAT ADS-B transceiver.

The SkyFYX meets the performance requirements of 14 CFR 91.227. For use in Experimental and LSA aircraft.

Included with the echoUAT+SkyFYX-EXT bundle:
  • echoUAT ADS-B Transceiver
  • Wiring harness
  • SMA to BNC lead
  • UAT(978) antenna
  • SkyFYX-EXT All-in-One GPS Receiver and Antenna


echoUAT ADS-B Transceiver
  • UAT Transmitter. Meets the performance requirements of TSO-154c Class B1S.
  • Dual-Link ADS-B receiver. Receives legacy 1090MHz ADS-B traffic and UAT traffic and uplink data. Meets the MOPs of DO-260B and DO-282B.
  • Integrated Wi-Fi to transmit In-flight weather, NEXRAD radar, METARs, TAFs, TFRs, AIRMETs, SIGMETs and NOTAMS to EFB applications.
  • SetupInterface Options
    • EFIS (Dynon, MGL, GRT, AFS)
    • iOS/Android (GDL90)
  • Mode, Squawk, Altitude. Ident
    • EFIS (Dynon, MGL)
    • Direct (Sandia, Garmin)
    • Transponder Reply Monitor
  • GPS Position
    • EFIS (Dynon, MGL, GRT, AFS)
    • External GPS (SKYFYX, Garmin WAAS GPS)
  • Traffic and UAT FIS-B (Weather) services
    • EFIS (Dynon, MGL, GRT, AFS)
    • External GPS (SKYFYX, Garmin WAAS GPS)
  • SMA Antenna Connector
  • US Patents Pending
  • Performs in low sensitivity or high GPS multipath areas.
  • Directly connects to EchoUAT transceiver.
  • Connects to popular EFIS from Dynon, GRT and MGL Avionics.
  • Integrated RAIM processor for Security and Integrity Protection.
  • Advanced jamming and spoofing detection.
  • Uses SBAS corrections and health messages to detect and correct satellite range errors.
  • Satellite pseudo-range step errors detected and excluded.
  • SBAS fast and long term corrections applied.
  • Patents pending.
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Received unit quicker than promised. Installed quickly after running power and ground wires. Only one other wire to connect when using legacy transponder. Also used an L2 transmitter antenna to avoid another making a second ground plane or hole in my composite fuselage. Passed ADS-B flight test on first attempt. Nice unit!

Glen F
July 4, 2020

The Skyfyx all-in-one receiver was easy to install and worked as advertised. I used it along with the Echo UAT ADSB transceiver and it doesn’t get any easier.

Rodney H
June 12, 2020

I have not installed the product yet, but the service from Aircraft Spruce was 5 Stars! I ordered it via telephone, and it arrived the next day!

March 19, 2020

Amazing little box. Wish it was approved for certificated aircraft, would have bought 2!

March 19, 2020

Easy o install great product support from the manufacturer. Easy to program and monitor from a smart phone!

Rick S
January 19, 2020

Simple to install, customer tech support was great. Worked out of the box.

Robert O
January 16, 2020

Easy installation. We have an early build RV-12 with a Garmin 327 transponder. I mounted it out of the way behind the panel, and ran coax to a TED UAT antenna. The first couple of PAPR reports I requested looked goo other than a lot of BARO ALT failures, so I contacted uAvionix support via email. They responded quickly and told me how to change the sensitivity setting in the setup app. It took a couple of flights to get it set right, but since then its been rock solid with no issues. Really enjoy having all the ADS-B supplied data available in the cockpit now... makes it so much easier and quicker to get the WX as were approaching a destination. If you own an Experimental, I highly recommend this for you. If you dont... well, I guess youre going to be spending a lot more!

Dale B
November 30, 2019

expected ship date was 11/29/19. Actual ship date 11/20/19. Thank you for underpromising and overdelivering. Working on installation now.

Tom J
November 30, 2019

Uavionix has outstanding Tech Support. I recently bought an echo-UAT with the GPS package from Aircraft Spruce. I was not able to get much support from our avionics shops locally, as they are far to busy to bother with my small project. David @ Uavionix was able to step me through the process from start to finish. My project was complicated, by the carbon fiber structure of the air frame. On top of the installation of the Echo, I was faced with multiple sources of noise through my avionics, radio, intercom and about everything else. With Davids experience he was able to help point me to some of the sources of the interference thereby guaranteeing a successful outcome of the ADS-B performance report. He went far beyond, which brings credit to the Support team and to Uavionix.

Richard C
July 18, 2019

Haven’t installed this yet, but the instructions are easy to sort out and the units are very compact. Should be great.

Robert O
June 15, 2019


Q: This says the UAVIONIX ECHOUAT BUNDLE meets the performance requirements of TSO-154c Class B1S. I'm guessing that means that it is not actually TSOd. Is this approved to install in certified aircraft? Are they hoping this would fall under a minor modification that could be signed off by a A&P?

This unit is intended for installation into experimental / light sport aircraft. It is not TSO'd for installation into a certificated aircraft and there are currently no plans for certification of this unit.

Q: Does the UAVIONIX bundle ECHOUAT display FIS/TIS data on the Garmin 696 via RS-232?

No, the Garmin 696 can only receive ADS-B data from other Garmin units. For TIS-A Traffic, it can receive data from a Garmin Mode S Transponder (GTX 330) and for TIS-B traffic and FIS-B Flight Information data , it can receive from a GDL 39.

Q: What items will I need to install into an experimental aircraft, that does have a mode c transponder, but does not have a WAAS GPS? I am confused by all of the different configurations.

This bundle allows you to keep your mode C transponder and output ADS-B. The Skyfx is a GPS receiver and antenna built in so you can use this if you do not have a GPS display.

Q: Will this work with a GTX330 transponder?

Per the manufacturer, yes it will.

Q: I have a Sandia 165 transponder, will the UAVionix EchoUAT unit interface with mt xpdr?

Yes. The echoUAT will communicate with Mode C transponders, so your STX 165 will work.

Q: So as I understand this bundle, If I have a transponder but no mode C, this will use the squak code and its own altitude information to broadcast all the ADS-b data. So I do not need mode C on my transponder for this to work correctly....Right??

This unit uses the MODE C or MODE S signal to output ADS-B data. The antenna will cover you for WAAS GPS signal.

Q: What is the length of the wire harness?

Per Uavionix the ECHOUAT comes with a 9ft harness.

Q: Will the gps receive a signal under poly fiber fabric like it does under fiberglass?

Per the manufacturer, if you are trying to place the antenna inside the poly fiber fabric it will continue to work.

Q: So this is for Experamental and LSA aircraft. Does this include certified light sport aircraft. Those of us with Vintage Sport AC - 1320 lbs. J3 & PA-11 Piper Cubs, Champs, Taylorcraft etc. With the small Continental engines A & C. -8 Without a place to mount a generator, all those that are NON -Electric But may have a battery & installed Communication Radio & Mode C trans. Some of us are so equipped, have a wind alter. It is a challenge to interpret the regulations. ACS could help a lot of us with uAvionix gear.

This is for experimental only, and cannot be used on certified aircraft.

Q: Will this Uavionix EchoUAT system qualify for the FAA rebate for ADSB systems?

No. Since this unit is not TSO approved, it does not qualify for the FAA rebate for ADS-B. Only certified installations qualify for the rebate.

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