AC 43.13 1B/2B Acceptable Methods

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This edition of AC-43.13 1B/2B. Includes Parts 1B & 2B with the latest changes for each and with corrections of dozens of numbering and pagination errors overlooked in other publisher's editions.

The "bible" for A&Ps, IAs, aircraft owners, and homebuilders; this FAA Advisory Circular outlines the standards for acceptable methods, techniques, and practices for the inspection, repair and alteration of non-pressurized areas of civil aircraft with a gross weight of 12,500 lbs or less. Includes both Part 1B and Part 2B.

This edition of AC-43.13 produced by Aircraft Technical Book Company is an exact page-by-page reproduction of the FAA Advisory Circular just as offered by several other publishers, but with the following exceptions:

  • ...It cost less.
  • ...Its heavy duty coated cover better resists dirt, damage, and normal wear.
  • ...It corrects dozens of figure numbering and pagination errors.
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Wood Structure
  • Section 1. Materials and Practices
  • Section 2. Health and Safety
  • Section 3. Inspection
  • Section 4. Repairs
  • Section 5. Finishing Wood Structures
Chapter 2: Fabric Covering
  • Section 1. Practices and Precautions
  • Section 2. Application of Dope
  • Section 3. Inspection and Testing
  • Section 4. Repairs to Fabric Covering
Chapter 3. Fiberglass and Plastics
  • Section 1. Repair of Light Load Laminate Structures
  • Section 2. Metallic Sandwich Secondary Structure Repairs
  • Section 3. Transparent Plastics
  • Section 4. Windshields, Enclosures and Windows
Chapter 4. Metal Structure, Welding and Brazing
  • Section 1. Identification of Metals
  • Section 2. Testing of Metals
  • Section 3. Precautionary Methods
  • Section 4. Metal Repair Procedures
  • Section 5. Welding and Brazing
  • Section 6. Welding and Brazing Safety
Chapter 5. Nondestructive Inspection (NDI)
  • Section 1. General
  • Section 2. Visual Inspection
  • Section 3. Eddy Current Inspection
  • Section 4. Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Section 5. Penetrant Inspection
  • Section 6. Radiography (X-Ray Inspection
  • Section 7. Ultrasonic Inspection
  • Section 8. Tap Testing
  • Section 9. Acoustic-Emission
  • Section 10. Thermography
  • Section 11. Holography
  • Section 12. Shearography
Chapter 6. Corrosion, Inspection & Protection
  • Section 1. General
  • Section 2. Types of Corrosion
  • Section 3. Corrosion Protection Measures for Basic Materials
  • Section 4. Corrosion Preventative Maintenance
  • Section 5. Visual Corrosion Inspection Guide for Aircraft
  • Section 6. Corrosion Removal Procedures
  • Section 7. Basic Corrosion Removal Techniques
  • Section 8. Aluminum and aluminum Alloys
  • Section 9. Magnesium and Magnesium Alloys
  • Section 10. Ferrous Metals
  • Section 11. Other Metals and Alloys
  • Section 12. Plated Parts
  • Section 13. Corrosion Proofing of Land Planes Converted to Sea Planes
  • Section 14. Handling and Care of Aircraft Recovered from Water Immersion
Chapter 7. Aircraft Hardware, Control Cables, and Turnbuckles
  • Section 1: Rivets
  • Section 2. Screws
  • Section 3. Bolts
  • Section 4. Nuts
  • Section 5. Washers
  • Section 6. Pins
  • Section 7. Safetying
  • Section 8. Repair of Control Cables and Turnbuckles
  • Section 9. Turnbuckles
  • Section 10. Safety Methods for Turnbuckles
  • Section 11. Hardware Identification Tables
Chapter 8. Engines, Fuel, Exhaust, and Propellers
  • Section 1. Engines
  • Section 2. Fuel Systems
  • Section 3. Exhaust Systems
  • Section 4. Repair of Metal Propellers
  • Section 5. Inspection of Propellers
  • Section 6. Propeller Tracking and Vibration
Chapter 9. Aircraft Systems and Components
  • Section 1. Inspection and Maintenance of Landing Gear
  • Section 2. Hydraulic Systems
  • Section 3. Emergency Equipment
  • Section 4. Cabin Interior
Chapter 10. Weight and Balance
  • Section 1. Terminology
  • Section 2. Weighing Procedures
Chapter 11. Aircraft Electrical Systems
  • Section 1. Inspection and Care of Electrical Systems
  • Section 2. Storage Batteries
  • Section 3. Inspection of Equipment Installation
  • Section 4. Inspection of Circuit-Protection Devices
  • Section 5. Electrical Wire Rating
  • Section 6. Aircraft Electrical Wire Selection
  • Section 7. Table of Acceptable Wires
  • Section 8. Wiring installation Inspection Requirements
  • Section 9. Environmental Protection and Inspection
  • Section 10. Service Loop Harnesses (Plastic Tie Strips)
  • Section 11. Clamping
  • Section 12. Wire Insulation and Lacing String Tie
  • Section 13. Splicing
  • Section 14. Terminal Repairs
  • Section 15. Grounding and Bonding
  • Section 16. Wire Marking
  • Section 17. Connectors
  • Section 18. Conduits
  • Section 19. Protection of Unused Connectors
  • Section 20. Electrical and Electronic Symbols
Chapter 12. Aircraft Avionics Systems
  • Section 1. Avionics Equipment Maintenance
  • Section 2. Ground Operational Checks for Avionics (electrical)
  • Section 3. Ground Operational Checks for Avionics (non Electrical)
  • Section 4. Avionics Test Equipment


  • Publishers: Aircraft Technical Book Co. & FAA
  • ISBN-13: 9780977489695
  • Copyright Date: 2009
  • Edition: 1B/2B Change 1
  • Other Identifiers: AC 43.13-1B / AC 43.13-2B
  • Pages: 834
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Dimensions: 11.0" x 8.5"
  • Book Weight: 4.1lbs
  • eBook
  • File Type: standard pdf ebook
  • Print: unlimited
  • Copy/Paste: unlimited
  • Offline Access: yes
  • Search: always
  • Bookmarks: always
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Always A pleasure I place my order and a couple days its here.

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Awesome book at a great price!!! Highly recommend if you work on your plane

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order arrived in good shape and came on time thankyou

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This book is a must have for home builders as well as pros. Git one!

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May 26, 2021

What can I say. This is a must have reference.

William L
April 19, 2020

The AC43.13-1B/2B is what I need as a Aircraft Mechanic and Inspection Authorization. And this is the latest print. Thank you Gennaro Bruno

Gennaro B
October 20, 2017


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Q: What is the latest revision date of FAA Advisory Circular AC 43.13-1B-2B?

This book is a 2009 copyright, and has not been updated since then. This is the current edition.

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