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2020 Edition, Airports of Mexico and Central America

Airports of Mexico and Central America is recognized as the most complete Airport Location and Frequency reference for all major airports in Mexico, Central America, and Cuba. In addition, included is a special section that covers almost all Pistas (airstrips) in both Baja and Baja Sur, Mexico.

Over three hundred Latin America airports are included in this Guide all compiled and updated by Jack McCormick, President of the Baja Bush Pilots. McCormick has included personal comments on many airports that he has personally visited during his some forty years of flying Mexico, Central America, Cuba, and more.

Of special interest are several new airports in both Baja and mainland Mexico including the new soon to be opened International Airport in Creel at the top of the Copper Canyon.

Although at this time, there are US restrictions for US aircraft to fly to Cuba, Cuba is included mainly for the BBP’s International Members as well as for us that overfly Cuba and are looking for alternate emergency landing places. A must-have tool for any adventurous pilot, it is time to step up and put one of the most used book of information regarding flying south of the US in his flight bag.

And as a special offer to those purchasing this book from Aircraft Spruce, you will receive a complementary three month membership in the Baja Bush Pilots. ( Membership includes access to Critical Alerts, Member Forum, Guide Updates, Personal Conversations with the Author, and a lot more. It is your airplane. Fly it.


  • Over 150 airports are fully diagramed and are listed alphabetically
  • A listing of all "I.A.C.O." International airports
  • All international airports in Mainland and Each airport of entry has a airport diagram and the available critical
  • flying information and some have side notes from the Baja Bush Pilots
  • General information section and history of the Baja Bnformation on how to cross the international borders flying north or south
  • List of the International airports of entry and the identifiers for the airports
  • US and Mexico approach and tower radio frequencies
  • 28 of the Baja Bush Pilots favorite places to fly
  • Over 550 pages of flying South of the border information


Best darn airport guide for Mexico and Guatemala I have been able to find. Looks like the author has been there and has shared both data and personal information. It is a huge bang for the bucks. I have looked at some others and they seem to be out of date. This book is current and even if you are sitting on the ground, you can almost feel like you are there. Jim

Jim P
February 4, 2021

Really good book!

Steven G
March 13, 2017


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