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Part# 12-15800
MFR Model# 24=1cs./1211


Invisible Gloves #1211 are a soft paste-like substance that when applied to hands provide protection against caustic and carcinogenic chemical products including hydraulic fluid, paints, ink, MEK, zinc chromate, jet fuel, graphite, engine exhaust by-products, adhesives and much more.

Invisible Gloves meets military and industrial safety standards and can protect any area of the body (hands, arms, face, legs, etc...) exposed to hazardous products. Especially useful in working with materials used in composite aircraft construction. One pint yields 100 pair of gloves. Invisible Gloves #1211 are easily removed with water. Allows complete freedom of hand and finger movement. Hands will not heat up and tools will not slip.


  • Non-Abrasive, Non-Toxic
  • Bio-Degradable
  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • A hand made pomade that virtually makes other gloves obsolete
  • Allows for 100% finger tip sensitivity with no hand heating or tool slipping
  • Can be used as an underglove when latex gloves are mandated
  • Performed as specified in temperatures / wind chills of -80*F and lower. Prevented chafing and sharply reduced dermatitis associated with that type of weather
  • Provides Protection From: Skydrol, MEK, RTV, Hydraulic Fluids, Graphite, Purging Fluids, JP4, JP8, JPTS, AvGas, Zyglo, Zinc Chromate, Brake and Wheel Carbon, Engine Exhaust Areas, Sealants - such as PRC, 980, 8802, 1826, Permatex, etc, Adhesives and Epoxies used in fabrication, Epoxy and Oil based paints, Tenacious Wire Coatings, C-Cement Powder, Generator Cooling Oils, etc


  • Increases Job Efficiency
  • Lowers Supply Costs
  • Costs Only Pennies
  • Used by the military and aircraft manufacturers



Directions for Use
  1. Use one teaspoon of Invisible Gloves #1211 to cover hands completely, particularly cuticles, and under fingernails, Arms and face, if required.
  2. Let dry - about 2 to 3 minutes
  3. Work freely as you will not be aware you are wearing Invisible Gloves # 1211
  4. ELIMINATE mid-job clean-up time - (when hands are soiled with compounds such as PRC, RTV, Permatex, etc.) - by merely wiping the hands with a clean cotton cloth.
  5. When job is finished, wipe off excess grease, oil, etc., and simply wash hands with ordinary soap and warm water

Note: For 3 year shelf life, keep container with unused portion tightly capped


Fast shipping and arrival, preforms exactly as described! Goes on invisible and comes off clean and easy with soap and water. No smells or odd fragrances... and only takes a teaspoon size application to get the job done.

Da S
April 13, 2020

Used a product similar to this in the 70s was surprised when I found it on line looking for something else,had to give it a very pleased with this product works far better then what i remember the other is doing....very happy with my purchase...also very quick delivery...

Nick B
April 5, 2020

Great product! Wish I would have known about this years ago!

Erik E
March 23, 2020

Great stuff!

Jerry A
March 16, 2018

Impressive product. Everything is as advertised. Goes on easily without a slick feel. Smells like lemon-lime. No odor whatsoever at the end of the day, after having hands soaked in old jet fuel.

September 30, 2017

Used this for first time at an EAA fabric covering workshop. It is fantastic, works as advertised, great when you need protection but gloves are in the way

Myron C
November 7, 2016

Pretty good stuff. Havent used this stuff in 50 years (since I last worked for the Torin Corporation in the fiberglass shop). Yeah, seems to repel most stuff. Had no problem repelling MEK, but ProSeal was a different animal. Repelled most of it, but not all of it. Worked with it for a 6 hour work run --- stayed with me the entire time. Yeah, I would still recommend it --- especially when working with Fiberglass --- prevents the glass fibers from stabbing you and getting under your skin.

Gwen W
October 2, 2018

Fantastic prduct. Does as advertized. However i give it an F for the container. Ive ordered this product before and the container was broken every time..

Wayne L
March 31, 2017


Q: I understand this product, invisible gloves #1211 is hypo-allergenic. My skin is very sensitive. Is there a MSDS available for Invisible Gloves 1211?

We have added the MSDS to the Documents tab of the web page. Please download and review it there.

Q: Are the invisible gloves OK to use when doing composite layups with Epoxy? If this product has any oil/grease-like substances, they might affect the layup integrity. Thanks.

There should be no problem with the use because our product doesn't contain any oil or grease substances. If using as a hand protect the application should be totally rubbed into the hands and there wouldn't be any residue on the hands.

Q: Is the container of Invisible Glove 100 ml? or 1 L?

It is a 1 pint container.

Q: Can this invisible glove be applied under kevlar gloves and still work?And what about under Nitrile gloves?Im allergic to certain adhesives and need the extra protection for my hands at work.

Yes this can be used with gloves. Be aware this material is water soluble so excessive swet when wearing gloves can remove the some of the material.

Q: We are working with wood finishes. It is important that this product not contain silicone compounds. Any silicone in this product?

It does not contain silicone.

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